analyze large volumes of data using technologies based on natural language understanding, speech recognition, voice and face biometrics
voice biometrics
Algorithms based on machine learning technology and DNNs
Voice biometrics is a technology that can identify a person’s voice by its unique characteristics, which then can be used for the purposes of authentication of identity, secure access and for service or customer experience personalization.
voice synthesis
Transformation of text to speech
Speech synthesis is the transformation of text to speech, i.e. – a low-resolution signal into a high-res one. It’s a complex task with many variables – one text can correspond to a nearly endless number of speech variants, since people speak with different pitch, tone and cadence, not to mention in imperfect audio conditions.
speech recognition
Seamless communication between humans and machines
Speech recognition uses AI, machine learning and NLU (natural language understanding) technologies for the purpose of identifying and transcribing (converting to text) speech in different languages, dialects and accents.
face biometrics / facial recognition
Fast and secure way to confirm identity
Technology by which it is possible to identify a person or verify their identity based on the unique inherent characteristics of their face. The technology works by transforming the image of person’s face into a biometric vector through specialized AI-based algorithms.
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