Tracker FRS

intelligent biometric identification and face search system
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real-time face recognition, identification and video analytics solution to maintain public security
employ advanced features to solve complex identity challenges
route and camera tracking
subject tracking across multiple CCTV video streams with geolocation matching and route building on maps
smart alerts
customizable real-time alerts for web dashboards and the SmartTracker FRS mobile app
intelligent recognition
AI-powered recognition and search engine that processes even low-quality video and images taken in poor conditions
rapid response
immediate notification and automatic report-building for quick reaction to detection events
hardware independence
SmartTracker FRS comfortably runs on the infrastructure of the customer’s choosing. It offers reliable performance on any user devices from tablets and laptops to dedicated public security workstations
consistent experience
SmartTracker FRS is compatible with a variety of OS, and integrates through REST API even with proprietary software. A simple-to-use web-interface ensures uniform user experience across different platforms
camera support
With the support of the majority of main IP-camera vendors and models, SmartTracker FRS can be implemented on existing architecture, thus greatly reducing the cost and time of deployment
make cities safer and more comfortable
public spaces
prevent security incidents and ensure timely intervention in smart cities, airports, public transportation, sports stadiums, and other frequented places
control and prevent incidents with the use of face recognition, video analytics and instant notifications
sport and culture
provide safety during sports and other mass events by filtering visitors and alerting security to disruptive behaviors
commercial infrastructure
visitor verification to prevent trespassing and management of visitors in offices, shopping malls, fitness centers and other commercial spaces
exceptional face detection accuracy for real-time reaction to incidents
supports 10000+ CCTV camera architecture and up to 20 automatic face detections in a single videostream in real-time
smart tools to expand the scope of search and accelerate workflow
powerful search
fast real-time search in large data volumes and offline face search by uploaded video or photo
automatic reports
automatic and differentiated report building with customizable dashboards & selective data export
retrospective analytics
variety of search filters: by match, data, camera, gender, age and more, with immediate notification after every detection event
database scaling
support of very large databases: up to several million entries with images and metadata
flexible processing
SmartTracker FRS processes data both on CPU and GPU, intelligently varying system load depending on hardware
SmartTracker FRS supports complex city- and nation-wide security usecases by providing various deployment options to customer specification
effortless roll-out of large-scale public security projects
scalable at request
deploys in a singular district or city, or at a regional scale
high-load solution
operates thousands of cameras and databases with millions of entries
reliable performance
fault-tolerant and resilient micro-service architecture
for seamless integration and hitch-free interoperability
cross-platform capabilty
multiple OS support for a flexible framework
multi-user web-interface
for team access and role assignment on any device
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