сomprehensive biometric platform for forensic analysis and multimodal national-scale identity solutions
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AI-enabled aggregation, processing and analysis of disparate data streams to support government agencies in decision making
transform raw data into tangible results
speech recognition
Identify individuals based on their unique voice and face biometric characteristics, independently of the data source
speech recognition
Convert speech into text, with the support of automatic speech transcription from 14 languages out of the box
language and gender
Recognize the speaker’s gender regardless of their language, and their native language - regardless of the words spoken
speech separation
Identify how many people are speaking in an audio recording and synchronously mark their appearance in the recording
biometric search
authenticity check
Verify speaker authenticity and prevent fraud by uncovering use of voice modulators, pre-recorded audio and other fakes
biometric search
Quickly and accurately search for individuals in large volumes of voiceprint and faceprint biometric data
text search
Detect if selected keywords occur in speech, and if they do, pinpoint their location in the speech, with connection to the speaker
semantic search
Identify not just keywords, but topics and hidden context of speeches with automatic processing of specific phrases
metadata search
Pull in relevant metadata from aquired audio- and videodata to zero in on the details and increase the accuracy of search
statistical analysis
Find correlations between variables in large volumes of data and summarize the findings for further interpretation
cluster analysis
Group data to reveal patterns and relationships within data and data sources, and detect implicit links between speakers
Use visual presentation of data interconnection points to quickly identify points of interest and see the bigger picture

GridID easily expands in scale and functionality

AI technologies at the core
Powered by state-of-the-art deep neural networks, GridID allows to uncover insights with speed and accuracy impossible for analysts to achieve manually
more data - more insights
Incorporation of additional data from external sources extends opportunities for analysis, leads to data-driven decision making and allows for quick response to time-sensitive incidents
tools for growth and expansion
Scaling from singular expert laboratories to national biometric systems, GridID helps extract valuable information in conditions of exponential data volume growth
on-premise solution
GridID ensures that all data is protected, performance is reliably high and resource usage is optimized by being deployed in the customer’s own secure data perimeter
flexible modular structure that can be tailored to each client’s needs
  • 01
    GridID BioDB
  • 02
    GridID Voice
  • 03
    GridID CC
  • 04
    GridID Sampler
  • 05
    GridID SR
  • 06
    GridID Analytics
biometric database
GridID BioDB contains registered personal information and biometric model entries.
data collection
aggregation and automatic update of data from any source
data search
search by biometric parameters or metadata in a database of samples
data security
management of access rights and roles with multi-level protection
seamless integration
incorporate and update all data from any source
voice data
search and processing
GridID Voice allows search of target speakers in audio files and automatically creates new database entries for unknown speakers’ voiceprints.
data shaping
ai-based processing of voiceprints
multivariate search
automated search for recordings by voice, keywords and topics
automatic monitoring and alerting of target voices in audio recordings
automatic clusterization and new entry creation for unknown voiceprints in the incoming data
online scanning
of streamed audio
GridID CC enables real-time scanning of conversations and comparison of voices with a hot-list for contact-centers.
real-time control
instant detection when target voices enter audio streams
voice biometrics
detection of spoofing when pre-recorded or synthesized speech is used to simulate live conversations
keywords alerts
detection of keywords and conversation topics from hot-lists
reaction speed
up to 7 seconds to recognize individuals via voiceprints and alert operators
biometric data
and credentials aggregation
GridID Sampler makes it possible to collect biometric data on the move or outside of dedicated facilities.
data collection
manual collection of individuals’ biometric data
speaker separation
improves readability of ASR transcripts
portable workstation
15 minutes to deploy and easy-to-use
data consistency
automatic import to GridID BioDB
automatic speech
GridID SR helps to transcribe meetings and analyze meeting data. It’s capable of detecting voiceprint, gender and language, and form automatic transcripts of any incoming audio data, including meetings and interrogations.
biometric diarization
separates up to 10 speakers in mono-channel
transcripts automatically translate into user’s language
tag marking
keywords are highlighted directly on the audio recording
track statistics for every speaker (numbers of words, length of speech)
data structuring
and in-depth analysis
GridID Analytics provides tools for visual analysis of accumulated biometric data and other types of data. It helps group this data and its sources according to certain criteria and then detect implicit links within it.
Audio recordings can be clustered by similarity of voice models, by speech recognition results and other metadata, then visualized with connections in hierarchical relationship graphs.
multilevel filtering
search for hidden interdata connections
cluster analysis
“five handshakes” diagram plotting of all available data
flexible customization
user-friendly data visualization
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GridID fully complies with customers' requirements
GridID helps protect citizens and institutions in many countries around the world. Its cutting-edge speech technologies, voice and face biometrics are used to respond to security incidents, reduce operational risks and protect important infrastructure
GridID works in a secure perimeter, is fault-tolerant and can be trusted with the most sensitive data as it meets the strictest information security requirements
Lightning-fast biometric recognition technology ensures near real-time identification of individuals and robust analytical capability
GridID provides valuable insights based on analysis of voice and face biometrics so that customers can focus on critically important tasks and not waste time and resources in search of needles in haystacks
Expert team support
Our team is ready to share knowledge, competencies and technology
  • advice on configuring and the use of GridID
  • all-around service support
  • quick API-based integration
  • in-depth training for specialists
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