Training Center

Speech Technology Center offers a wide range of training programs to boost and expand skills for specialists working in the field of speech signal analysis and processing
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our experts readily share knowledge and will help you:
experience in solving practical audio forensics tasks
staff’s signal analysis skills and proficiencies
expert knowledge from professionals
formats of training: basic to pro, theory to field exercises
go beyond learning software functions
immerse yourself in a deep understanding of digital speech signal theory, unique case studies and more
  • multiple levels of study
  • customized tutoring
  • hands-on training with experts
  • self-prep recommendatios
  • deep theoretical knowledge and practical work
  • participation in a close-knit community of professionals
level up skills and continuously build up your expertise!
I. Forensic training
start by studying the main methodology of audio forensics
  • technical analysis and noise cancellation
  • audio recording authenticity analysis
  • apeech-2-text and speaker separation
  • voice comparison
  • large audio dataset examination
II. Foundational training
proceed with a joint program between Speech Technology Center and top-ranked Russian university
  • the next step in professional growth 2-week to 2-year program
  • course developed by leading scientists in the field of audio forensics, multimedia, digital signal processing and machine learning
  • university-grade educational certificates upon completion
III. Individual programs
custom-tailored training courses that target the exact areas of your practice which need boosting
Study either in our fully equipped classrooms, or remotely. Whatever you choose, the highest level of training is guaranteed.
contact us and create a long-term study plan for your team!
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