E-Government and Society 5.0


biometric identity platform for remote services in digital channels
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biometric identification for the enrollment, management and verification of digital identities
know-your-customer capabilities in remote channels
loyal customers
simple and secure verification of callers by voice biometrics
trusted agents
verification of contact center operators
true voices
voice fakes, tampering and fraud detection
biometric verification and AI-powered service automation by phone
quickly resolve service issues remotely
increase customer satisfaction
expand the number of remote services
prevent fraud and scamming
develop customer trust while reliably confirming caller identity

DNN-based technolgy

analyses >70 voice biometric parameters

text independent

voice verification during a call in a background mode

language independent

builds biometric models in any language for worldwide use

fast and precise

takes only 5-10 seconds of speech to verify a person
single and simple point of entry to any digital service
VoiceKey can provide a robust foundation for verifying individuals and issuing digital credentials with biometric ID
сonnect government, citizens, companies and services in a unified digital environment
advanced filtering methods and algorithms
remotely accessible e-government services
automatic speech recognition & transcription
personalized and inclusive healthcare
WMA encoding detection
attack-resistant and fraud-proof transactions
speaker diarization
comfortable and safe smart cities
on-time, quality social care and welfare
secure and convenient public transportation
convenience of service for citizens and customers
biometric identity cannot be stolen or faked
quick, contactless and trusted authentication
easy to localize, language and text-independent
industry-acclaimed biometric voice recognition technology
unified approach to ID verification
all-encompassing connectivity
  • aggregation of data from any government agency or source
  • remote digital registration – less than 20 seconds
  • automatic or background verification of individuals - 1.5-3 seconds
  • channel-independent verification – telephone, internet, physical contactless presence
  • language-independent verification and service provision
e-government 2.0
  • Regulated access to personal data of citizens
  • Issuing of biometric documents (BioID)
  • Unified control and monitoring of migrants and tourists
  • Location-independent participation in elections
  • Single E-gov app with biometric verification
smart society
  • Internet of Things and BioID integration
  • Personalized health and social care services
  • Voice-controlled transactions and operations
  • Mobile applications for the visually impaired
  • Biometric-empowered transportation services
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