Speech Technology Center is a global developer of products and solutions based on AI-enabled biometrics, machine learning and computer vision technologies

putting research to the forefront

for 33 years we have been developing our expertise in speech recognition and synthesis, and multimodal biometrics in order to deliver the best solutions to B2B and B2G clients. Our focus on innovation and research allowed us to complete more than 5000 projects worldwide, including national-scale systems.

committing to technological excellence

our AI-empowered solutions are providing largest banks, telecoms, energy and industrial sector companies with state-of-the-art biometric capabilities, and are used to create Safe&Smart City infrastructure. Our patented voice and face biometrics algorithms are consistently ranked at the top in international competitions and scientific challenges.

working to inspire partners and customers

we create products and technologies that help people understand others and be understood, committing to the mission of making the global IT community more efficient, smart and secure.

today our long-term leadership is provided by one of the most competent R&D teams in Europe, which had contributed to the development of more than 50 different technologies
R&D team
our voice is a voice of the future
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