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STC Received Star Performer Award by Speech Technology Magazine
4 September 2015

Speech Technology magazine has named the American branch of STC SpeechPro a Star Performer as part of its ninth Speech Industry Awards, which recognize the most influential speech technology innovators each year. In 2015 STC was awarded for its innovational voice + face online biometric authentication solution VoiceKey.WEBACCESS.

Alexey Khitrov, President of the American Branch STC, to Speak at SpeechTek 2015!
11 August 2015

Join us at SpeechTek 2015 in New York City, August 17-19! Hear Alexey Khitrov's presentation, exploring the future of account login on mobile platforms through various combinations of voice and face biometrics, including STC’s deployment of a voice+face biometric solution at Wells Fargo and the newest generation of password-fighting solutions: Voice.Swipe, which combines voice biometric and visual UI clues known to a specific user.

Wells Fargo Integrates STC’s Proprietary Face and Voice Biometric for Mobile Security Pilot
30 July 2015

Wells Fargo announced the pilot of a new biometric technology that gives its business customers the ability to log into mobile apps using face and voice authentication instead of traditional passwords. Wells Fargo is utilizing STC’s VoiceKey.OnePass proprietary voice biometric algorithms and supplemental technologies. Its triple biometric accuracy derives from a combination of voice authentication, facial recognition, and a number of unique anti-spoofing “liveness” tests.

STC Partners with PenRad to Offer Touchless Data Entry and Security for Hospitals
22 July 2015

STC, a global leader in voice biometrics solutions and PenRad a technology solutions provider in the healthcare sector have pioneered technology to bring secure, touchless data entry through voice biometrics to hospitals and clinics. STC’s voice biometric technology and PenRad’s Applicadia technology allows staff to perform 100 % data-entry through validated voice, to mitigate disease transmission, improve security, and increase professional productivity.

FaceBanx Partners with STC to Offer Multi-Modal Biometric Capabilities
20 May 2015

STC, a global leader in voice biometrics solutions has joined forces with FaceBanx, a provider of biometric security technology, to bring enhanced face and voice recognition solutions to FaceBanx’s global telecomm and banking industry customers. With an eye on innovation and best-in-class security software solutions, FaceBanx will now offer STC’s proprietary VoiceKey.OnePass technology through its mobile, PC and tablet platform solution.

Alexey Khitrov, President of the American branch of STC (SpeechPro), to Speak at VBC 2015 on May 5th in NYC
1 May 2015

Opus Research presents VBC New York 2015 (May 4-5) featuring case studies and real-world implementations in fraud prevention, mobile banking, and secure customer care. Dubbed “The Voice Security & Authentication Conference,” VBC New York 2015 brings together executives and decision-makers who are integrating voice biometrics into multi-factor authentication strategies showcasing a broad array of technologies that support simple, secure, and trusted communications.

COMING SOON! Gnome-Nano II: Subminiature Digital Stereo Voice Recorder!
23 April 2015

STC is to release a subminiature digital stereo voice-recorder Gnome-Nano II.

Gnome-Nano II a professional sound recording unit providing high-quality mono and stereo recording of speech signals. The recorder provides high-quality recording of speech signals in various situations and can be used to record conversations, meetings and interviews indoor and outdoor, including cases with difficult acoustic conditions.


SpeechPro to Release the Gnome P-II in Q2 of 2015!
15 April 2015

SpeechPro to release the Gnome-P II in Q2 of 2015! The new updated version of the portable digital recorder offers 16GB of memory and up to 70 hours of recording time without changing the battery. In addition to being incredibly lightweight with extra small dimensions, the Gnome-P II is very user-friendly and allows a wide range of customers to easily record high-quality mono and stereo speech signals both indoors and outdoors.

STC will deliver a Presentation at Speechtek 2015 Conference
6 March 2015

STC Invited to Deliver Presentation at Speechtek 2015 Conference to Discuss "Leveraging Capabilities of Smartphones to Make Voice Biometric Experience Secure, Easy and Fun."

SpeechPro President, Alexey Khitrov, to Speak at FindBiometrics' Expert Panel of Voice Biometrics Leaders on February 19th
16 February 2015

Join FindBiometrics on Feb 19, 2015 at 11:00 AM EST. as we host an expert panel of voice biometrics leaders for an exclusive webinar event directed to providing you all the information you need about voice biometrics and its crucial role in the future of authentication.