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Speech Analytics by the Speech Technology Center implemented by the MKB contact centre
23 April 2021

23 April 2021 — Moscow — The Speech Technology Center and Credit Bank of Moscow (MKB) summarise the preliminary results of introducing speech analytics for quality control of the services offered by MKB's contact centre.

Sabina, a bilingual robot created on the Speech Technology Center's platform, has helped to reduce the workload of a call centre operated by Sberbank in Kazakhstan by up to 26%
14 April 2021

14 April 2021 — Moscow — The Speech Technology Center (part of the Sberbank ecosystem) provided its Customer Engagement Platform to Sberbank in Kazakhstan to create smart robots powered by artificial intelligence.

VTB's Voice Assistant Starts Talking Courtesy of Speech Technology Center
1 April 2021

1 April 2021, Moscow — The voice assistant recently launched by VTB in its mobile bank app employs tech provided by Speech Technology Center. This assistant is intuitive and easy to use thanks to an integrated suite of technologies provided by Speech Technology Center. It includes automatic spontaneous speech recognition, natural language processing and understanding (NLU), and speech synthesis. Customers will now be able to get their questions answered or necessary operations executed in a matter of seconds by speaking to the assistant.

Voice biometrics from Speech Technology Center comes to development business
15 March 2021

15 March 2021 — The Speech Technology Center (part of the Sberbank ecosystem) and the Samolet Group are implementing the first voice biometrics project in the development industry to identify customers by voice in order to improve the quality of service in the call centre of the Samolet Group, a major developer in the Moscow region.

Stavropol State Agrarian University deploys a biometric face recognition system from Speech Technology Сenter
20 February 2021

20 February 2021 — The Stavropol State Agrarian University (SSAU) became the first university in Southern Russia to deploy a biometric face recognition system from Speech Technology Сenter (part of the Sberbank ecosystem).

This was a joint project implemented by Sberbank and SSAU. For several years, Sberbank has been the partner of the university, including for the implementation of the SSAU campus project.

Speech Technology Center introduces speech analytics to improve the sales performance of Samolet Group
25 December 2020

25 December 2020, Moscow — The Speech Technology Center (part of the Sberbank ecosystem) has begun to implement an intelligent speech analytics system to monitor the quality of service in the sales call centre of Samolet Group, a major developer in the Moscow region and one of Russia's Top 10 developers in terms of current construction volumes. Its project portfolio exceeds 15 million m2.

A chatbot developed by Sber for the Moscow Metro handles 88% of inquiries without a human operator
4 December 2020

Speech Technology Center (part of the Sber ecosystem), together with the Moskovsky Bank of Sberbank and the team of Moscow Metro, introduced a chatbot for passengers. During testing in a focus group, the virtual text assistant automatically processed 75% of inquiries, without transferring them to human operators. From 17 November, the virtual assistant is running in commercial operations, where it achieved 88% automation. The bot is available through the Moscow Metro app.

Raiffeisenbank Implements Speech Analytics from Speech Technology Center to Streamline Remote Services
2 December 2020

2 December 2020, Moscow — Speech Technology Center and Raiffeisenbank have successfully migrated to a new version of speech analytics to monitor the quality of call centre services. The solution provides 24/7 assessment of the volume and thematic distribution of the centre's hotline calls and chat channels, enabling the transition from selective analysis of dialogues to an analysis of the entire flow of interactions for a specific period.

Transport Security: Speech Technology Center’s Biometric Computer Vision System introduced at 70 Facilities
9 November 2020

Speech Technology Center (part of the Sberbank ecosystem) has delivered its 70th project to implement the Smart Tracker FRS at transport facilities in Russia, confirming its leadership in the number of installations of this development in the country. Another implementation was the launch of the Smart Tracker FRS biometric system at the Bugulma Airport (Tatarstan). 

This system is already installed at transport infrastructure facilities throughout Russia: metro, transport hubs, bus and railway stations. The solution is applied in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Nizhny Novgorod, Saransk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and other cities. The biometric system integrated into the video surveillance system allows verification and identification of individuals, helps identify offenders and organise preventive protection measures. The system also makes it possible to record places of increased congestion and build and download reports based on this information. Based on the information received, decisions can be made to improve passenger comfort, for example, to optimise traffic flows. The Smart Tracker FRS combines a high-quality algorithm, digital video identification technologies and an engineering approach worked out as part of implemented projects. The solution makes it possible to differentiate between the data of open and closed segments of a corporate security system and ensures that the system complies with the technical requirements of each facility, along with reliable data protection.

VARA announces strategic partnership with Speech Technology Center, a  leading face and voice biometrics technology company
28 September 2020

India is facing a strong demand for efficient and highly scalable remote customer identification and contactless authentication to replace traditional approaches with accurate face biometrics for better safety and barrier free access control.

Biometric technologies have already proven their effectiveness in a wide range of tasks during the pandemic — from remote customer identification to comprehensive national security systems based on facial recognition; their scope is constantly growing.