Training and Consulting in Audio Processing and Analysis

Most Speech Technology Center products include cutting edge technologies and require certain skills from prospective users. That is why we offer special trainings for working with our products. In many cases our software and hardware serve longer than people stay at a company and clients need to train additional users or organize a more advanced training for existing operators. Obviously, we cover those needs and provide additional trainings on client request. Trainings can take place in our office in Saint Petersburg which is a magnificent city and this provides our visitors with a great chance to see its beauty along with getting the skills needed to use our products. Apart from seeing the city the clients also can get a better understanding of our technologies and capabilities, they can talk directly to our developers and in some cases this kind of interaction has resulted in development of custom products tailored to unique requirements of each customer. When clients choose to have training at our office we help them in obtaining visas, finding suitable accommodation and having a taste of Russian culture by offering guided visits to local sights and points of interest which Saint Petersburg truly abounds.

Another option is bringing training to customer’s location which is generally a less expensive way to do it since client can avoid travel-related expenses for their employees. Should this option be selected by our client, we deliver training according to customer schedule and bring necessary training materials and software while computers and location are usually provided by the client.

We also provide special courses for forensic experts which contain valuable information on methods of voice identification and noise reduction techniques. These courses are based on our proprietary software but in fact they are quite independent and can be implemented using general-purpose software for audio analysis and enhancement.

Having finished training and passed a short examination, trainees receive certificates to confirm their freshly obtained skills. This certificate affirms that they have necessary knowledge for forensic audio analysis and can create reports suitable to be used in courts of law as evidence that a certain recording contains voice of a specific person.

Apart from basic training which is absolutely necessary to get started in forensic audio analysis we offer advanced courses for those experts who have some experience in working on real cases but feel that they lack some skills or knowledge to get proficient forensic audio analysis and audio enhancement methods.

If you feel interested and wish to get information on all courses available, please feel free to send your inquiry to

These are courses on forensic audio analysis and sound enhancement with brief contents overview.

Voice Identification:

  • Brief introduction to acoustics and phonetics of human speech
  • Pre-requisites for voice identification
  • Spectral analysis, fast Fourier transform and linear prediction coefficients
  • Vowels and formants
  • Fundamental tone analysis; cepstrum and intonation patterns
  • Auditory analysis; searching for individual speech features
  • Noise filtering and audio enhancement techniques

Noise filtering and audio enhancement

  • Auditory system and psychoacoustics
  • Types of noises and interferences
  • Broadband noise
  • Narrow-band noise
  • Reverberation
  • Most common noises and suppression methods
  • Reference noise removal