Gnome-P II: Portable Digital Stereo Recorder

  • 16GB built in memory
  • WAV stereo recording
  • 70 hours recording time without battery recharge
  • Noise cancellation
  • Two external microphones
Gnome P-II: Portable Digital Stereo Recorder
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Portable Digital Recorder

Gnome-P II Portable Digital Recorder is a professional sound recording unit providing high-quality mono and stereo speech signal recording under difficult acoustic conditions.
Its extra small dimensions and weight, as well as user-friendly control, make it usable for a wide range of customers and enable recording speech signals both indoors and outdoors.


  • Law enforcement agencies: capture voice and sound during special operations, in police vehicles, etc.
  • Security providers: capture voice and sound for safety reasons, e.g. inside cash-in-transit vans
  • Emergency services (fire, ambulance, rescue): capture voice and sound during rescue operations and inside rescue vehicles
  • Professional services (legal, medical, business, journalism): record meetings, consultations and interviews


  • Linear format recording with no compression
  • Special software enables data protection in case of unauthorized access
  • Manual, voice and schedule recording activation modes
  • Recording format: .wav files
  • Robust metal case
  • Digital signature
  • PIN protection against unauthorized access
  • Protection against electromagnetic rays and interferences
  • No indirect electromagnetic radiation


  • High recording quality ensured by mono/stereo 16, 24 bit PCM recording standard and highly sensitive microphones.
  • Channel distribution between source signals is performed manually. The recorded sound is stored in the device’s internal flash memory.
  • Recording process is performed via either two onboard or two external microphones as well as from hardware line outputs.
  • Manual and automatic adjustment of entrance signal level
  • Recording can be activated by voice, manually or by  embedded timer
  • High speed copying of the written-down information from recorder memory to other digital device in the *.wav format
  • The built-in battery can be changed from:
    • the network power adaptor of 110-220 V/50-60 Hz
    • the computer USB port

Technical specification

Number of channels 1 or 2
Internal hard drive space 16 GB
Recording standard mono/stereo 16, 24 bit PCM
Data compression μ or А law
Sampling rate 8000, 11025, 16000, 22050, 32000, 44100 Hz
Frequency response unevenness 2 dB max
Memory (30 hours) Built-in memory (8 GB)
Microphone input signal to noise ratio 80 dB min
Linear input signal to noise ratio 90 dB min
Microphone input distortion factor (at 1 kHz with 16 kHz sampling rate) no compression 0.10 % max
double compression 1.00 % max
Linear input distortion factor (at 1 kHz with 16 kHz sampling rate) no compression 0.01 % max
double compression 1.00 % max
Volume-triggering threshold range, dB From 1 up to 60