Gnome-Nano II: Subminiature Digital Stereo Voice Recorder

  • 16GB built in memory
  • WAV stereo recording
  • 24 hours recording time without battery recharge
  • Noise suppression
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
Gnome Nano-II: Subminiature Digital Stereo Voice Recorder
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Gnome-Nano II is a subminiature digital stereo voice-recorder which is a professional sound recording unit providing high-quality mono and stereo recording of speech signals.
The recorder provides high-quality recording of speech signals in various situations and can be used to record conversations, meetings and interviews indoor and outdoor, including cases with difficult acoustic conditions.


  • Law enforcement agencies: capture voice and sound during special operations, in police vehicles, etc.
  • Security providers: capture voice and sound for safety reasons, e.g. inside cash-in-transit vans
  • Emergency services (fire, ambulance, rescue): capture voice and sound during rescue operations and inside rescue vehicles
  • Professional services (legal, medical, business, journalism): record meetings, consultations and interviews


  • Recordings can be made using built-in microphone and/or one or two external microphones as well as line input of an external audio source
  • PIN-code access protection
  • Resistant to detection and jamming
  • No interference from electromagnetic radiation
  • Digital signature prevents unauthorized listening
  • Protective, durable metal casing



  • Continuous high-quality mono and stereo recording with or without compression using the integrated 16 Gb memory
  • Manual and automatic adjustment of entrance signal level
  • Recording starts/stops manually or automatically (by signal level / timers)
  • Recorded data can be copied onto other digital media via a USB PC interface in the *.wav format
  • Guaranteed recording duration in stereo mode, 16kHz, without compression – 24 hrs
  • Digital signature and protection against unauthorized access

Technical specification

Number of channels 1 or 2
Internal hard drive space 16 GB
Recording standard mono/stereo 16, 24 bit PCM
Sampling rate 8000, 11025, 16000, 22050, 32000, 44100 Hz
Frequency response unevenness 2 dB max
Microphone input signal to noise ratio 80 dB min
Linear input signal to noise ratio 90 dB min
Microphone input distortion factor (at 1 kHz with 16 kHz sampling rate) no compression 0.10 % max
double compression 1.00 % max
Linear input distortion factor (at 1 kHz with 16 kHz sampling rate) no compression 0.01 % max
double compression 1.00 % max
Volume-triggering threshold range, dB From 1 up to 60
Internal microphone type Electret
Internal microphone sensitivity -55 dB
Internal microphone noise level 25 dB max
Rated microphone input signal level 200 mVeff
Rated linear input signal level 2 Veff
Rated output signal level 2 Veff
Recording duration with default settings 70 h
Operation duration without charging standby mode 4000 h
volume-triggered recording 160 h
DC power supply voltage 5 V
Internal battery type Li-Pol
Internal battery capacity 320 mAh
Battery charging time 5 h max
Maximum recording duration (Stereo mode, 22 kHz sampling rate) 32 h
Maximum recording duration (Stereo mode, no compression, 16 kHz sampling rate) 45 h
PC interface USB 2.0
USB operation mode High-speed
USB current consumption 450 mA max
Data transfer rate 40 Mbit/s min
Deviation of the clock per day 5 s max
Dimensions 52.0х34.5х8.4 mm
Case Shielding, metal
Weight (battery included) 35 g
Supported Microsoft® Windows versions 7, 8