AVIDIUS BOX Multi-Channel Audio/Video Recorders

  • Easy-to-use cost-effective solution for recording interviews
  • Audio and video recording of up to 16 interview rooms simultaneously
  • Multi-user web-based interface
  • PoE/PoE+/Ultra PoE technology
  • Simultaneous real-time monitoring of all audio and video channels
  • Embedded watermarks to ensure authenticity and integrity of recordings
AVIDIUS BOX Multi-Channel Audio/Video RecordersAVIDIUS BOX Multi-Channel Audio/Video RecordersAVIDIUS BOX Multi-Channel Audio/Video RecordersAVIDIUS BOX Multi-Channel Audio/Video Recorders
Product Library:


AVIDIUS BOX product line of audio/video recorders is a robust, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solution designed for interview room audio/video recording. It is the best tool for recording interviews with witnesses, suspects, or victims. Flexible and simple, it does not require significant changes to existing procedures.

AVIDIUS BOX is a fully secure solution – watermarking, user rights administration and user authentication ensure that only authorized persons can have access to the recordings.

Available in various configurations, AVIDIUS BOX recorders can be easily tailored to meet customers’ requirements. Audio/video recording can be performed simultaneously from 2, 4, 8 or 16 audio/video sources.

Recording process can be started by user command, sound/movement detection or through API. AVIDIUS BOX recorders have also a built-in scheduler that allows users to schedule recording in advance or run recording at specified time intervals.

Recorded data can be exported into files in .avi and .wav formats to ensure that recordings can be played by most standard players, thereby eliminating the need for the use of proprietary playback programs.

All recorders of AVIDIUS BOX product line are light-weight and have very compact sizes (e.g. weight of STC-H755.2A recorder for two-channel audio and video recording is 390 g (approx. 13.8 oz), its dimensions are approx. 160х97х16 mm (approx. 6.3x3.8x0.6 in).

AVIDIUS BOX recorders can be installed either as standalone ones or as components of distributed systems when audio and video data recorded by several recorders are transferred to the central system.

AVIDIUS BOX recorders can also be used in meeting rooms, courtrooms, conference rooms, briefing centers, etc. – anywhere that audio/video recording is needed.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Exceptionally high sound recording quality with support of electret and dynamic microphones
  • Audio and video recording of up to 16 interview rooms simultaneously (depending on the configuration)
  • Tamper-proof watermarking to check authenticity and integrity of recordings
  • Easy-to-use, no special IT support needed  for implementation
  • Password-protected access and user rights administration
  • User activity monitoring and logging
  • Multi-user web-based interface
  • Recordings can be uploaded to a computer / stored on standard media including USB flash drives and CD/DVDs
  • Metadata recording, including date, time, channel name and recording priority
  • Support of MJPEG/H.264 innovative encoding technology
  • Access to stored audio/video data and adjustment of the recorders’ parameters via web-interface or network utility
  • Simple search and playback of recordings and HDD status monitoring via web-interface
  • NTP time synchronization
  • Software API for control, streaming and data export
  • Batch data export through network utility
  • Remote firmware update over the network
  • Data export into .avi and .wav files

Product Line

AVIDIUS BOX recorders are available in the following configurations:

Configuration Type

Power Supply

Power Consumption
(without cameras and microphones)

Memory Capacity

(L x W x H, tolerance ± 1 mm)




12 V or PoE

Up to 15,4 W

Support of all Class 10 and higher microSD memory cards up to 256 GB / external HDD up to 8 TB 
(max. 1 A)

160х97х16 mm /
approx. 6.3x3.8x0.6 in

390 g/
approx. 13.8 oz (including 2x microSD memory cards)

2 audio/video sources


12 V or PoE+

Up to 26 W

1 TB Internal HDD

180x135x55 mm/
approx. 7x5.3x2.2 in

1 004 g/approx. 35 oz

4 audio/video sources


12 V or Ultra PoE

Up to 36 W

1 TB Internal HDD

180x135x85 mm/
approx. 7x5.3x2.2 in

1 448 g/approx. 51 oz

8 audio/video sources


100-240 V

Up to 70 W

1 TB Internal HDD

482х194х90 mm/approx. 19x8x3.5 in

4 900 g/approx. 173 oz

8 audio/video sources


100-240 V

Up to 70 W

2 TB Internal HDD

482х194х90 mm/approx. 19x8x3.5 in

5 500 g/approx. 194 oz

16 audio/video sources