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UAE Ministry of Interior. Abu Dhabi Police GHQ

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on winning the Audio Engineering Society’s Enhancement Contest at the 33rd International Contest held recently in Denver, Colorado. As you are aware, I have been using S.I.S., sound Cleaner, and more recently EdiTracker, for over ten years. The STC product line is the most advanced solution for equipping the modern day media forensic Lab. I have tested the STC software against most the other commercially available forensic products and have found the STC algorithms exceptional in their ability to extract the intelligibility of the tape without affecting the natural sounding audibility. I have also been instructing my students in its use for over 10 years. I have utilized the software to: Identity Osama Bin Laden in 2002, clarify the transcript in the John Gotti Jr. trial 2006, clarify the Wead – President Bush Tapes, clarify Frank Sinatra’s very first recording, and identify Elvis Presley’s very first record.

The EdiTracker software has brought a new approach to the authenticity table. With its high resolution scanning capability it moves the authenticity examination process to the whole new level of expertise. I would highly recommend the STC line of products for Forensic Audio/Voice and Video Media needs.

Tom Owen
Owl Investigations Inc.
June 19, 2008

I hereby confirm that the Sonora General Prosecutor currently uses the following STC applications: IKAR Lab I, Sound Cleaner, ANF and Trawl on Forensics Audio. I further corroborate that high quality and broad functionality of STC products, as well as the remarkable professionalism of voice analysis team. I heartily recommend working with STC.

Gilberto Gradias Enriquez
General Director of the Information Systems of the Criminal Police

It is my opinion any respectable forensic audio lab has to be prepared for the nowadays challenges:

  • forensic audio authentication,
  • forensic audio enhancement and
  • forensic voice analysis,

and in order to solve these complex problems it is necessary to use different tools.

As doctors have to use different surgical tools in an emergency room, the forensic audio experts have to be prepared in the labs to enter their cases with different equipments and software.

It is well known that one of the leaders in the field is Speech Technology Center who develops and promotes high standard solutions for forensic audio and their products are welcome in any forensic audio lab.


Stutchman Forensic Laboratory where we've been providing expert enhancement and analysis in audio, video, and photographic imaging forensic science since 1992. We provide services nationwide across the United States of America in cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Anchorage, Seattle, San Diego, Portland, Honolulu, New York, Denver, Tampa, and many others.

Audio Authenticity Analysis

When the authenticity or integrity of a forensic audio recording is in question, our analysts conduct detailed forensic analysis to determine if material has been deleted, added, altered or changed in audio analog or audio digital recordings. Edit Tracker: Stutchman Forensic Lab utilizes Edit Tracker from the Center for Speech Technology in Russia. Edit Tracker is a sophisticated software package specifically engineered to detect prior digitization, breaks in phase continuity, sudden change background noise and other indicators of analog or digital editing.

"Sound Cleaner” is an essential tool for sonic enhancement and noise removal. The unique assortment of filters yield fantastic results without the hassle associated with other software programs."

Barry Dickey
Audio Evidence Lab

I have been working in the field of forensic audio analysis for the past twenty-two years dealing with audio authentication, enhancement and sound and voice identification. My clients include private citizens, defense attorneys, law enforcement agencies and major airline companies. In the area of audio enhancement, my work ranges over a wide expanse of audio noise problems, including the enhancement of speech recordings as well as non-speech signal enhancement. Audio enhancements are always a challenge to fine the exact line between noise reduction and optimal speech signal intelligibility. Over the years I have worked with many analog and digital enhancement processors. I find that since the addition of “Sound Cleaner” to my enhancement tools, I am turning to it as the tool of first choice. “Sound Cleaner” allows me to quickly attenuate the noise and bring up the intelligibility of the speech signal. The convenience of chaining together a wide variety of powerful enhancement filters into one neat package combined with the real-time adjustments make this program indispensable. I would recommend “Sound Cleaner” to anyone who is serious about audio enhancement.

Michael C. McDermott
Certified Forensic Audio Expert

I have been using “Sound Cleaner” since it was first available in the United States and find it the best tool for tape enhancement and audio restoration available. I have tried almost all the hardware and software solutions and now “Sound Cleaner” is always my first choice.

Richard W. Sanders
Associate Professor at the University of Colorado at Denver (UCD)

I have been using “Sound Cleaner” for three weeks and I have found it to be an extraordinary program for eliminating background noise and improving the intelligibility of audio signals. In the short time I have had the program I have been able to achieve outstanding results with a minimal learning curve. I look forward to future developments form Speech Technology Center.

Robert Rosen
Rosen Audio Rescue

I had reviewed the “Sound Cleaner” software demo from Speech Technology Center and was considering purchasing the product. I recently had an occasion to see a registered program demonstrated and was taught the basic use of the software. I bought it on the spot! I now use it as my primary noise processing program. It is both complex and simple at the same time. The tools used individually or in combination provide a powerful processor that does what it claims.

As I become more adept at using “Sound Cleaner”, I believe that its power will become even more evident. I love it!

Skip Frazee, owner
Forensic Sound


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