VoiceGrid X: an Application for Voice Identification in Multiple Audio Files

VoiceGrid X is an application that enables automatic detection of specified voices in phone conversation recordings.

VoiceGrid™ X
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What is VoiceGrid X?

VoiceGrid X is a high-end application for speaker voice identification in large audio databases.


VoiceGrid X is an essential solution for security staff:

  • It prevents call center frauds.
  • It Increases internal investigation efficiency by using recorded calls.

Why use VoiceGrid X?

VoiceGrid X enables you to significantly enhance analysis of audio recordings. VoiceGrid X processes speaker voices in recordings and automatically skips audio files without specified voice features. Release your call center agents from time-consuming work with VoiceGrid X.

How is it possible?

VoiceGrid X is an out-of-the-box voice biometric solution designed by Speech Technology Center. Biometric technology enables you to analyze biological features of a person (e.g. fingerprints that are the most common biometric features nowadays). As for voice biometrics, it is able to measure voices and compare them against each other in order to identify a person or verify such person's identity.


Advantages and Specifications


  • No special skills required
  • VoiceGrid X processes enormous amount of data within a short period of time
  • Built-in blacklist option


  • Runs on both PC and Windows commercial servers
  • High-speed performance: up to 100,000 stereo recordings per day
  • Automatic speaker diarization (voice separation) in mono files
  • Built-in tools for handy identification data processing
  • Easy and fast integration with company infrastructure
  • Possible deep integration with Smart Logger II recording system

Use Cases

  • VoiceGrid X identifies frauds among call center customers
  • VoiceGrid X determines whether the same person has used several phones or not
  • VoiceGrid X selects all conversation recordings with required speaker voice features

Technical specification

Recommended hardware

Operating System Windows XP, Windows 7/ Windows Server 2003/ Windows Server 2008
Processor CPU Intel Core i7
HDD 100 GB