GridID: Multimodal Biometric Media Processing System

Designed to collect, process and analyze large volumes of audio and video data.
GridID: Multimodal Biometric Media Processing SystemGridID: Multimodal Biometric Media Processing SystemGridID: Multimodal Biometric Media Processing SystemGridID: Multimodal Biometric Media Processing System
Product Library:


Data collection: creating a nation-wide biometric model database with a dedicated processing and control system.

Multimodal search:

  • Automated search for recordings by voice, key words and conversation topics
  • Automatic speech recognition, language and gender identification, diarizaition and voice model tracing
  • Automatic monitoring of the entire audio data flow with user notification of target voices being detected
  • Search by biometric face model in videostream and by photo in a video archive containing face biometric models

Notification: The operator gets a notification the moment a match with the database is found

Forensic analysis:

  • Full pack of experts comparison methods: formant, pitch and auditory analysis;
  • Speech and noise detection;
  • Editing and processing of sound recordings;
  • Video player with editable audio and video tracks;
  • Automatic video indexing and image quality improvement;
  • Automatic text transcription and segmentation by speakers (up to five) in a dialog/polylogue.

Report generation and monitoring performance of users and systems


  • Full cycle of biometric analysis: from sample collection to an expert report generation
  • Multivariate analysis of structured and unstructured large amounts of data
  • Search for hidden interdata connections, which are impossible to be found manually
  • An analytics platform fuses and analyzes data, creating one cohesive data picture regardless of the source or type of data.
  • High accuraсy of automatic and expert voice & face identification
  • Scalable centralized or distributed architecture
  • Ready for integration with external systems or additional biometric modalities
  • Flexible modular structure that can be tailored to each client`s needs