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IIP Digital: Yulia Khitrova. On the Cutting Edge of Business
14 September 2011

Yulia Khitrova is one of the participants in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum’s Women and the Economy Summit, which takes place September 13–16 in San Francisco.

Dan Miller, OpusResearch: Sberbank’s “Lie Detecting” ATM May be the Ultimate “Onboarding” Kiosk
24 June 2011

Reaction to the alleged “Lie Detecting ATMs” being tested by Russia’s largest commercial bank, Sberbank, gives an eerie preview to the public’s acceptance of self-service kiosks in the future.

The New York  Times: A Russian A.T.M. With an Ear for the Truth
9 June 2011

MOSCOW — Russia’s biggest retail bank is testing a machine that the old K.G.B. might have loved, an A.T.M. with a built-in lie detector intended to prevent consumer credit fraud.