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Planet Biometrics: STC to showcase new enrolment tech
6 September 2016

STC Group, represented in North America by SpeechPro has been selected to present a demo of its new mobile biometric solution at an upcoming startup-focused event.

STC Group will be showcasing tech that the firm says will solve one of the key problems of any biometric system – establishing “a ground truth” during remote enrollment.

STC Group Announces Cloud-Based Multimodal Authentication Solution
31 August 2016

Posted on August 31, 2016

STC Group – represented by SpeechPro in North America – has launched a new cloud-based authentication solution that combines facial and voice recognition.

Called OnePass, it offers a secure authentication mechanism that is simple and straightforward for the users: One needs only to look at her device’s camera and to recite a generated numeric code for identity verification. It isn’t the code that’s important, but rather the unique biometrics pertaining to the user’s face and voice.

Wells Fargo mobile biometric authentication application wins banking industry award
4 April 2016

By Stephen Mayhew
April 3, 2016

Wells Fargo has been recognized with the “Most Innovative Feature Award” for its mobile biometric authentication application in its Commercial Electronics Office (CEO) portal by Barlow Research’s 2016 Monarch Innovation Awards.

Bank innovation: Read My Lips (and Listen to My Voice) — Biometrics Goes Bimodal
2 April 2016

Source: Bank innovation

MARCH 31, 2016

A Russian company wants to move users out of the password era with a combination of voice and facial recognition.

MYFOXNY.COM: Biometric security can't come soon enough
17 April 2014

Cyber-attacks and identity theft seem a realer threat than ever before, but the tools we need to protect ourselves we have carried since birth.

"One nine, zero, seven, five," Alexy Khitrov said to his phone. Alexy recited that random list of numbers aloud, while his phone scanned his face, and - without pressing a single button - he logged into his online banking account.

"There are over 70 parts of the human body that create the human voice," Alexy said. And - for all those impersonators out there - we can control only 15 of those parts.

Speech technology: VoiceKey OnePass Offers Touchless Bimodal Biometrics for Smartphones
24 March 2014

A year after voice biometrics solution provider SpeechPro debuted Voice Key OnePass, the company has released a hands-free version of the solution.

"We are taking this to the next level," says Alexey Khitrov, president of SpeechPro USA, a division of Russia's Speech Technology Center. "We've added a number of features to the app that makes the process completely touchless. In the previous version you had to touch the phone to start the biometrics process."

Talking passwords: voice biometrics for data access and security
1 March 2013

STC has published the article in the February issue of the Biometric Technology Today magazine, one of the most authoritative sources of news, analysis and surveys in the international biometrics market, established by Elsevier Ltd.

findBIOMETRICS: the 10th Annual Year in Review
30 January 2013

Speech Technology Center took part in the Year in Review 2012 on biometrics theme. Look through the experts' summaries and predictions: "This is the largest yearly global snapshot of our industry and over the past 10 years we have seen so many changes. The industry is entering into a serious growth phase right now. So many companies are reporting new markets, new verticals, new and innovative product lines, new partnerships and new deployments…several in the hundreds of millions of enrollees.

Speech Strategy News on new SpeechPro's forensic audio software release
12 May 2012

SpeechPro announced the release of SIS II, the newest version of its SIS forensic audio analysis software. SIS has long been a mainstay with private and government audio analysis experts around the world and is used in 36 countries. SIS II not only represents the latest advancements in forensic audio processing capabilities, but also includes new analysis and processing tools, as well as features designed to improve productivity and plug-in modules for biometric matching and audio recording authentication.

News from VBC2012: LexisNexis, Agnitio and SpeechPro Augment their Voice Biometric Offers
19 April 2012

SpeechPro a wholly-owned US subsidiary of Russia's Speech Technology Center has been warmly accepted on Voice Biometric Conference 2012. Opus Research and Dan Miller published announcement of the release of STC/SpeechPro VoiceKey, a new voice biometric platform that integrates and implements a number of the core technologies, features and functions that it has developed over the years.