STC Group Announces Cloud-Based Multimodal Authentication Solution

Posted on August 31, 2016

STC Group – represented by SpeechPro in North America – has launched a new cloud-based authentication solution that combines facial and voice recognition.

Called OnePass, it offers a secure authentication mechanism that is simple and straightforward for the users: One needs only to look at her device’s camera and to recite a generated numeric code for identity verification. It isn’t the code that’s important, but rather the unique biometrics pertaining to the user’s face and voice.

It’s a system that could prove appealing to a number of organizations, as it doesn’t require any specialized hardware beyond the camera and voice recording technology now standard on all mobile devices and most computers. It’s also highly reliable: STC Group says it identifies authorized users with 98 percent accuracy, and can spot unauthorized users 99.99 percent of the time.

OnePass appears to be a product of work that SpeechPro embarked upon earlier this year, when it teamed up with Xura to develop an authentication system based on face and voice recognition.Now, of course, what has emerged is a system with broader applications, and it arrives at a time of growing excitement about biometric authentication technologies.

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