MYFOXNY.COM: Biometric security can't come soon enough

Cyber-attacks and identity theft seem a realer threat than ever before, but the tools we need to protect ourselves we have carried since birth.

"One nine, zero, seven, five," Alexy Khitrov said to his phone. Alexy recited that random list of numbers aloud, while his phone scanned his face, and - without pressing a single button - he logged into his online banking account.

"There are over 70 parts of the human body that create the human voice," Alexy said. And - for all those impersonators out there - we can control only 15 of those parts.

Alexy founded SpeechPro (the North American branch of STC), which sells voice-recognition software. He estimates 50 million to 60 million people worldwide already use a voice log-in. And that figure doubles annually. "Passwords are dead," Alexy said. "They are so 20th Century and we're in the 21st Century."

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