Speech Strategy News on new SpeechPro's forensic audio software release

SpeechPro announced the release of SIS II, the newest version of its SIS forensic audio analysis software. SIS has long been a mainstay with private and government audio analysis experts around the world and is used in 36 countries. SIS II not only represents the latest advancements in forensic audio processing capabilities, but also includes new analysis and processing tools, as well as features designed to improve productivity and plug-in modules for biometric matching and audio recording authentication.

“SIS II embodies current state of the art capabilities for forensic audio analysis and is the culmination of STC’s 21 years of experience in the audio analysis sector,” stated Alexey Khitrov, President of SpeechPro USA. “In creating SIS II, we drew from our substantial internal R&D resources, but also enlisted the input of forensic experts across the globe in both private and government practice. The time, effort and expertise we’ve invested in SIS II will be self-evident to users who are upgrading and to new users,” Mr. Khitrov continued.

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