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Join us on webinar "Operational conditions for Airport video control and facial biometric systems during global disease"
17 August 2020

During the webinar we will discuss:

  • Implementation scenarios and outcome
  • ONE ID as a concept and key requirments
  • Reference projects
  • Complex approach to Airport operations and security in terms of Facial Biometrics
  • Uses cases of face recognition for Airport industry
  • Biometrics as part of control and monitoring


Looking forward to seeing you!

Join us on webinar "Your Voice is Your Password"
12 August 2020

Where: оnline

When: August 13, 4:00 PM (IST)

VoiceBiometrics has been established as a key answer to current challenges and requirements for effective remote customer on-boarding, interaction, overall experience improvement while decreasing fraud and operational expenses.

Vara Technology and Speech Technology Center Bring in Details about Voice Biometrics and will share:

Speech Technology Center is implementing a project for filling out medical documents by voice in Moscow
7 August 2020
  • Technologies that transform the doctor's voice into the text (speech-to-text) allow healthcare workers to get rid of routine, save 22% of time on filling out protocols, and improve overall documents and diagnosis quality.
  • The solution is already working in the departments of radiological diagnostics of Moscow city medical centers.
  • A successful case scaling up to other regions of Russia.
Join us on webinar "Digital Clients Onboarding: pitfalls and challenges of e-KYC policy implementation"
7 August 2020

We want to invite you for dedicated webinar August 13, 2020 around the overview of the implementation technical aspects for cost-effective digital onboarding and communication solution.

Company expert will share recommendations and comments following more than 30 years of R&D in the field of biometrics and unique scope of projects for finance industry in a way of voice/facial client identification.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Speech Technology Center ranked among largest and fastest growing IT companies in Russia by the CNews
5 August 2020
  • CNews is the largest high-tech magazine in Russia and the CIS
  • Speech Technology Center has been included in the list of the top 20 largest technology developers and top 10 fastest-growing companies in Russia
  • Speech Technology Center rised up 17 positions over the past year
Speech  Technology Center takes part in development of virtual assistant for  Moscow Metro passengers
5 August 2020

Speech Technology Center, part of the Sberbank ecosystem, participated in development of a intelligent chatbot to automate response from passengers of the Moscow Metro.

In the fall of 2020, the chatbot will be introduced the website, via the Moscow Metro mobile app, instant messengers, as well as on the MosMetro page on social media.

Join us on webinar "Automated contactless access control system with face recognition and remote thermal measurement"
3 August 2020

We want to invite you for dedicated webinar August 4, 2020 around the overview of Smart Tracker solution and approach for full function biometric contactless measurement and control system implementation.

During this webinar Speech Technology Center expert Oleg Glebov will present an overview of Smart Tracker solution and approach for full function biometric contactless measurement and control system implementation.


Speech  Technology Center Develops Intelligent Chatbot for Tele2
13 July 2020
  • The chatbot communicates with Tele2 customers through digital channels and processes up to 15,000 calls per day and more than 300,000 calls per month. 80% of requests are processed without the involvement of an agent.
  • The number of tickets closed by the chatbot in January–May 2020 has increased by 241% year-on-year, i.e. 3.5 times.
  • The introduction of the intelligent chatbot has improved the quality and speed of customer service, increased call centre capacity, and cut down on operating costs.
  • The project was integrated by the IT company CROC
Join us on webinar: "Improving Call Center customer experience and reducing costs through the voice biometrics integration"
10 June 2020

In the current global situation more clients prefer to stay at home and receive services remotely in the fullest extent possible. Unfortunately, the sharp increase in demand for such services leads to, among other things, an increase in fraud and a lack of resources for seemingly established IT elements such as the Call Center. This especially affected the banking sector what now leads to the urgent need for implementation of easy remote customer enrollment, pre-answer caller authentication and risk-based multi factor authentication.

Smart Tracker FRS: facial recognition solution for subway. How to improve safety and efficiency
18 May 2020

Ensuring security and scalable remote monitoring on public transport is one of the key elements of the «smart city» strategy. High passenger traffic and peak loads, especially in conditions of provision and management of metro/subway or short-distance railways, today require more attention and evolution of technologies. It is not enough to provide just video recording and remote monitoring by the operator/security officer. For centralized situational centers on transport key monitoring tasks consists of quickly obtaining important and up-to-date information, actionable intelligence, the possibility of automating routine operations and increasing efficiency in the face of a shortage of personnel. It ultimately leads to the need for integration of biometric access control and real-time analysis based on specialized face recognition solution.