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STC opens the First International Forensic Workshop (FIFW2011), St. Petersburg, Russia, June 27-29, 2011
16 June 2011

June 27-29 Speech Technology Center will run the First International Forensic Workshop (FIFW2011) for audio forensic experts and customers of the company. The main idea of the workshop is real exchange of experience, knowledge and practical recommendations. The workshop will be held on the grounds of STC, located on 9 Smolenskaya street (business-center "Optima"). To get more information about the event download the workshop agenda.

STC is 'The New York Times' headliner: A Russian A.T.M. With an Ear for the Truth
9 June 2011

MOSCOW — Russia’s biggest retail bank is testing a machine that the old K.G.B. might have loved, an A.T.M. with a built-in lie detector intended to prevent consumer credit fraud.

STC at the second EU-Russia Innovation Forum
3 May 2011

Speech Technology Center will participate in the second 2nd EU-Russia Innovation

Forum to be held in Lappeenranta (Finland) on 25-26 May 2011.