Speech Technology Сenter Joins the AI Code of Ethics

10 November 2021, Moscow — Speech Technology Сenter has ratified the AI Code of Ethics.

Dmitriy Dyrmovskiy, CEO of Speech Technology Сenter, attended the official ceremony of signing the Code, which took place on Wednesday, 10 November, during the AI Journey international conference on AI and data analysis organised by Sber. In addition, a Speech Technology Сenter joined a discussion on the ethics and security aspect of using the AI technology.

Speech Technology Сenter has been working on AI solutions for over 30 years. So far, it has completed more than 5000 projects for the public sector and for business worldwide, including national biometric platforms in Mexico, Ecuador and the Middle East. The company has several concurrent biometric modalities in progress, such as face and voice recognition, allowing clients to enjoy comprehensive solutions. Speech Technology Center's products find their users in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt.  In Russia, Speech Technology Сenter solutions are put to use in the largest banks, telecommunications companies, the fuel and energy sector, as well as the public sector. Moreover, they are used to implement the Safe&Smart city concept. Technologies for detecting voice forgeries and speech recognition from Speech Technology Сenter occupy leading positions in the world rankings of NIST, VOiCES, and CHiME Challenge.

Speech Technology Center is also cooperating with the international research community. This partnership allows for synergy and effective collaboration, in which the latest technologies and state-of-the-art face and voice biometric solutions are utilised.

Dmitriy Dyrmovskiy, CEO of Speech Technology Center: 'Being keenly aware of ethical issues in the field of artificial intelligence, Speech Technology Center became the first Russian company to join Biometrics Institute, a global international association with more than 800 members from 230 organisations across 23 countries. Membership in the Institute is a chance to identify and research challenging topics, discover the ways of dealing with various issues, and formulate the fundamental ethical principles of AI application side by side with the global community. Today, we at Speech Technology Сenter are really honoured to the AI Code of Ethics, which was co-created by the AI Alliance, the Analytics Center for the Government of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. This is a symbolic milestone for us. The speed of digital solution development in Russia, as well as the export potential of our innovative solutions, is truly impressive. I am confident that the development of the Code will further bolster the technological leadership of Russian solutions, while also contributing to the development of the global technology market.'

The plan is to turn the AI Code of Ethics into a guideline for the entire AI market, including government and business players, and Russian and foreign developers alike. The Code sets general ethics principles and behaviour standards for all stakeholders in the field of AI.