Speech Technology Center showcased its latest achievements at Gitex Technology Week

Gitex 2021 Speech Technology Сenter, a global developer of products and solutions based on conversational artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision, presented its latest achievements and new solutions at Gitex Technology Week, the largest conference and exhibition, which took place in Dubai on 17–21 October. Gitex 2021 brought together more than 4 thousand IT business professionals from 140 countries.

Speech Technology Center has been developing AI solutions for more than 30 years: during this time the company has implemented more than 5 thousand B2B and B2G projects all over the world. Speech Technology Center is currently working on several biometric modalities – face and voice. With this unique approach the company has the ability to provide customers around the world with integrated solutions.

"Our solutions are already in use in the Middle East. For example, Speech Technology Сenter has developed a speech technology and voice biometrics solution that has been used in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt. Speech Technology Center also works with the Middle East scientific community. This partnership allows for synergy and effective collaboration, in which the latest technologies and state-of-the-art face and voice biometric solutions are utilised. The fact that our solutions are approved by the local scientific community contributes to the development of our partnership network and improves the company's image in the Gulf region," says Dmitriy Dyrmovskiy, CEO of Speech Technology Сenter.

"At Gitex 2021, we showed the latest face and voice biometrics solutions, as well as the latest technologies designed for their protection. In addition, we presented an artificial-intelligence-based platform for text and voice bots creation. These bots help to automate various services and even help government and business to improve communications with users: they analyse feedback and then use it to improve services and customer experience. We had over 100 meetings at Gitex 2021 and saw a huge demand for AI solutions. Speech Technology Center's AI solutions for the financial industry, as well as the company's vast experience in building national-scale biometric platforms, were of particular interest at the exhibition. We were happy to share our expertise, meet new partners, and we are looking forward to participating in future events as well," says Evgeniy Zubakov, Head of International Sales, Speech Technology Сenter.