A voice robot by Speech Technology Сenter notifies Tyumen residents about welfare measures

August 16, 2021, Moscow — Speech Technology Сenter has installed a multi-channel system for automated notifications and surveys over digital communication channels in the Social Welfare Centre of the Tyumen Region. The intelligent dialogue assistant makes about 1,500 calls a month to inform the public of what social welfare benefits are available.

Dmitriy Dyrmovskiy, CEO of Speech Technology Center: 'The solution developed by Speech Technology Сenter is driven by artificial intelligence and enables notifications defined by user scenarios. In this project, the service notifies the residents on social welfare measures, including the periods for granting the benefits, missing documents required to receive the benefits, or the right to receive the benefits. The solution uses speech synthesis. A realistic, smooth and natural flow of synthesised speech allows the workload of operators to be reduced, and the high quality of which is appreciated by a wide audience, including senior citizens. With its user-friendly and intuitive interface, the service is reliable and easy to install and use. This successful case can be scaled up for use in multifunctional public service centres across Russia, information and analytical centres, and wherever there is a need to automate important, high-quality communication.'

Evgeny Svetlov, manager of Zapadno-Sibirsky Head Office of Sberbank of Russia: 'Products and services developed by Sber and its subsidiaries enable new digital solutions across cities and regions and their implementation into existing services. This system for automatic notifications and questionnaire surveys developed by Speech Technology Сenter allows the centre to streamline its human resources, raise the awareness of applicants for social assistance benefits, improve the quality of service and the level of public satisfaction with the customer experience when appealing to the social assistance authorities.'

Olga Kornilaeva, Director of the Social Welfare Centre of the Tyumen Region: 'Our institution is using this software to provide voice notifications over the phone and to distribute e-mails. The software is easy to use and enables continuous monitoring of notifications while managing statistics and tasks in accordance with the established priorities. The implementation of the product Rupor.BLITZ allowed the workload of operators to be reduced, the functions of specialists to be redistributed and their focus on priority tasks in providing social assistance to the public to be ensured.'

In the past, Speech Technology Сenter had already implemented some of its products in the Tyumen Region. For healthcare institutions, the region has acquired licenses to use Voice2Med, a speech recognition system for completing medical reports. The voice assistant was introduced to the departments of forensic medical examination, histology, and biological and forensic medicine. The high quality of speech recognition ensures the completion of medical reports with a minimum number of subsequent corrections. Voice2Med saves time for healthcare professionals, as filling in the documents by voice is 22% faster than using the traditional method.

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