Speech Technology Center introduces speech analytics to improve the sales performance of Samolet Group

25 December 2020, Moscow — The Speech Technology Center has begun to implement an intelligent speech analytics system to monitor the quality of service in the sales call centre of Samolet Group, a major developer in the Moscow region and one of Russia's Top 10 developers in terms of current construction volumes. Its project portfolio exceeds 15 million m2.

Speech analytics from Speech Technology Center considers a wide range of dialogue characteristics, which allow to quickly assess the quality of responses, identify the reasons for prolonged service and knowledge level of staff. Speech analytics enables 24x7 operations and allows shifting from random checks (1–3%) to 100% assessment of dialogues to hear the voice of each customer. It is driven by Speech Technology Center Smart Logger, a proprietary product providing an omnichannel system of service quality management and customer relationship analysis. In Samolet Group, the sales reps of the call centre handle more than 10 thousand calls related to real estate purchases every month. For quality control purposes, all dialogues are recorded and automatically converted into text in the 'customer-operator' format with a second-by-second timeline. This data is then submitted for further analysis.

The team of Speech Technology Center integrated its solution with Samolet Group's internal information systems. This allows reviewing more parameters for analytics purposes, such as comparing the sales conversion figures of novice operators with those of experienced employees, evaluating the performance at a specific site, analysing dialogues with a low tNPS (Transactional Net Promoter Score, a customer loyalty index), adopting best-practices of handling negative comments or customer rejections, and monitoring the usage dynamics.

Dmitriy Dyrmovskiy, the CEO of Speech Technology Center: 'Today, high-quality remote service is no longer a trend, but a standard. The share of remote operations is increasing, while businesses set ever-higher requirements for profitability and the customers are raising their expectations for the quality of services. In the project implemented for Samolet Group, we want to meet these requirements in a comprehensive way by delegating routine operations to artificial intelligence and enabling the management to focus on improving service standards, customer loyalty, and converting sales. I am confident that a successful case will set the impetus for a new transformation not only in the real estate development, construction, property management, but also in a number of other business areas'.

Olga Balagurova, Director of Customer Service, Samolet Group: 'Remote channels are gaining popularity. We were looking for a solution that would allow us to analyse the quality of work performed by sales reps in our call centre, including the compliance with standards and scripts, speech modules, and presentations of special offers. With more than 40 parameters, speech analytics from Speech Technology Center provided the maximum depth of analysis, as well as the best figures of customer speech recognition, including the speech with background noise or partially unintelligible speech. In addition, the system allows transcribing the entire dialogue with the customer into not just keywords but a complete text. This solution can be used in many ways. First of all, it allows to generate the rankings of sales reps, identify growth areas and make adjustments through training and coaching. Secondly, it enables us to get complete information about customer satisfaction and generate relevant offers. Among other things, the current project is aimed at improving the service, increasing call/ meeting conversion rate of the call centre by 15–20% a year, and boosting sales. Our future plans include the introduction of voice biometrics, such as recognising customer's emotions and selecting a sales rep according to customer's psycho-emotional profile'.

The introduction of speech analytics extends the collaboration between Speech Technology Center and Samolet Group. A pilot project was launched a year ago to implement an intelligent management system for improving the efficiency and quality of sales. In just three months after the launch, the system brought its first results — the period from the initial meeting to the contract signing was reduced by 14%, and the number of sales actions per sales rep increased by 21%.

Samolet Group PJSC was established in 2012 and, today, it is a major developer in the Moscow region and one of Russia's TOP 10 developers in terms of current construction volumes. For 2019, the company was ranked 5th in Russia in terms of newly commissioned real estate. The group is included in the list of Russia' systemic enterprises. In October 2020, the Group conducted its IPO on the Moscow Exchange.

Speech Technology Center is a global developer of intelligent speech and face recognition technologies and an expert resource in AI and machine learning with 30 years of experience in the field. Speech Technology Center is one of the few companies in the world that creates and develops both biometric modalities: face and voice. The voice-falsification detection and speech-recognition solutions developed by Speech Technology Center occupy leading positions in global rankings by NIST, ASVspoof Challenge, and VOiCES. CHiME 2020 named Speech Technology Center’s speech recognition technology the best in the world. Speech Technology Center has used artificial intelligence to implement more than 5,000 projects in 70 countries.
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