Transport Security: Speech Technology Center’s Biometric Computer Vision System introduced at 70 Facilities

Speech Technology Center has delivered its 70th project to implement the Smart Tracker FRS at transport facilities in Russia, confirming its leadership in the number of installations of this development in the country. Another implementation was the launch of the Smart Tracker FRS biometric system at the Bugulma Airport (Tatarstan). 

This system is already installed at transport infrastructure facilities throughout Russia: metro, transport hubs, bus and railway stations. The solution is applied in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Nizhny Novgorod, Saransk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and other cities. The biometric system integrated into the video surveillance system allows verification and identification of individuals, helps identify offenders and organise preventive protection measures. The system also makes it possible to record places of increased congestion and build and download reports based on this information. Based on the information received, decisions can be made to improve passenger comfort, for example, to optimise traffic flows. The Smart Tracker FRS combines a high-quality algorithm, digital video identification technologies and an engineering approach worked out as part of implemented projects. The solution makes it possible to differentiate between the data of open and closed segments of a corporate security system and ensures that the system complies with the technical requirements of each facility, along with reliable data protection.

Dmitry Dyrmovsky, CEO of Speech Technology Center:

“Most countries in the world are implementing computer vision-based AI solutions to ensure the security of large infrastructure facilities, including sports and transport facilities, which are part of the Safe City concept. According to the AI ​​Global Surveillance Index, such solutions are used by 75 countries. Russia also uses in-house developments in this area. One of the global trends in the security market is the awareness and application of products based on neural networks and biometric systems as an effective security tool. In the future, smart services can be created on the basis of the Safe City: the Smart Tracker FRS, which is now used to ensure transport security, can eventually become the ground for the introduction of contactless (face recognition-based) admission control, for example, to an airport, can help improve the transport industry, create a new level comfort citywide and countrywide.”

The product of Speech Technology Center is based on in-house developments, including a recognition algorithm. In 2014, the world’s first biometric stadium, Petrovsky, was implemented in St. Petersburg using the Smart Tracker FRS. Currently, the system is implemented at Gazprom Arena in St. Petersburg, VTB Arena in Moscow and other facilities. In sports, it helps create a safe and comfortable environment: reduce image and financial losses incurred through illegal actions by fans, prevent banned fans from entering the stadium and promptly respond to attempts by fans to enter the stadium using other fans’ passes. The system was also employed at the Fan Fest venues during the 2018 World Cup, where new technologies and solutions from various Russian and foreign vendors were used. The successful use and high rating from experts ensured that the system became more widespread. Over the past seven years, the Smart Tracker FRS has been installed in more than 15 stadiums and ice arenas that hosted both national and international championships. Besides, the Smart Tracker FRS operates on the scale of entire cities: six cities in Russia are successfully implementing the Safe City and Smart City concepts using the Speech Technology Center solution.

Smart Tracker FRS was the first in Russia to receive the key certificate of compliance in accordance with the Russian Government Decree No. 969. It is integrated with a number of certified video surveillance systems.

According to CNews, Speech Technology Center is one of the largest IT suppliers for transport companies in Russia in 2020.

Speech Technology Center is a global developer of intelligent speech and face recognition technologies and an expert resource in AI and machine learning with 30 years of experience in this field. Speech Technology Center is one of the few companies in the world that creates and develops both biometric modalities: face and voice. The voice falsification detection and speech recognition solutions developed by Speech Technology Center occupy leading positions in global rankings by NIST, ASVspoof Challenge and VOiCES. CHiME 2020 recognized Speech Technology Center’s speech recognition technology as the best in the world. Speech Technology Center has used artificial intelligence to implement more than 5000 projects in 70 countries.