Digital University: Speech Technology Center Deploys Biometric Face Recognition System at Siberian Federal University

22 September 2020 — Speech Technology Center has implemented a biometric face recognition system in the School of Economics and Commerce building at the Siberian Federal University (SibFU) in Krasnoyarsk. The face recognition system is part of a large-scale campus project. Siberian Federal University is one of the top five campus projects in the country, and the face recognition system provided by Speech Technology Center is one of the first to operate at a Russian university campus.

Face recognition not only enables convenient and fast entry to the building but also makes it contactless — an important factor given the ongoing pandemic. This successful experience can be scaled up to more than 50 universities. The implemented project shows that Speech Technology Center is ready to introduce new use cases, including those involving face recognition during remote exams.

The entrance to the SibFU School of Economics and Commerce is equipped with a face recognition system using artificial intelligence and computer vision. The Smart Tracker.FRS system detects and identifies visitors passing through the turnstile. When the camera sees a person, the biometric system runs a mathematical processing cycle to extract the image from the video stream and encode it into a biometric template containing the face's unique characteristics. This template is compared against the database of people with authorised access and, in the event of a match, the system opens the turnstile. As a result, access is provided only to a strictly defined group of people.

 'Today, we devote considerable attention to services that support our activities. Digitalisation efforts such as the establishment of the Smart Campus aren't just a trend, but also a framework for improving efficiency. The so-called "campus project" is part of these activities. Given the vast array of property we own, the campus project and its further scaling are an extremely relevant task', said Maksim Rumyantsev, Rector of SibFU. 'Currently, we have completed the installation of equipment at one of our schools and have started building the database. We expect testing to be complete within a year'. 

'Thanks to advanced algorithms, as well as the scale of the projects implemented by Speech Technology Center and our close integration with leading manufacturers of access control systems, all processes now take milliseconds and have no adverse impact on the throughput of the turnstile. This allows for convenient, fast and — crucially — contactless entry. Speech Technology Center was the first in the world to implement a face recognition system in a sports stadium and it now operates in 14 sports facilities, over 20 transport facilities, and in five "Safe Cities". The deployment of our face recognition system as part of a campus project could be the starting point for more campus projects in the Siberian region and throughout Russia. These not only involve the already implemented use case, but also others that are especially relevant today, such as distance exams and remote presentations of qualifying papers. We are happy to be part of a process that's so fundamental to the entire educational sector', added Dmitriy Dyrmovskiy, CEO of Speech Technology Center.

Speech Technology Center is a global developer of products and solutions driven by intelligent speech and facial-recognition technologies and an expert in AI and machine learning. It is one of the few companies in the world that creates and develops both biometric modalities: face and voice. The voice-falsification detection and speech-recognition solutions developed by Speech Technology Center occupy leading positions in global rankings by NIST, ASVspoof Challenge, and VOiCES. The speech recognition technology developed by Speech Technology Сenter was named the best in the world at the international CHiME-2020 Challenge. Speech Technology Сenter has used artificial intelligence to implement more than 5,000 projects in 70 countries.

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