Smart Tracker FRS: facial recognition solution for subway. How to improve safety and efficiency

Ensuring security and scalable remote monitoring on public transport is one of the key elements of the «smart city» strategy. High passenger traffic and peak loads, especially in conditions of provision and management of metro/subway or short-distance railways, today require more attention and evolution of technologies. It is not enough to provide just video recording and remote monitoring by the operator/security officer. For centralized situational centers on transport key monitoring tasks consists of quickly obtaining important and up-to-date information, actionable intelligence, the possibility of automating routine operations and increasing efficiency in the face of a shortage of personnel. It ultimately leads to the need for integration of biometric access control and real-time analysis based on specialized face recognition solution.

Speech Technology Center has prepared a dedicated webinar for underground railway networks (Metro/Subway) safety with the implementation of advanced face recognition solutions. During the webinar we will share Speech Technology Center unique experience based on the ongoing safe city and safe transport projects in Russia.

During the webinar we provided:

  • Challenges of CCTV and video analytics for underground railways
  • Key objectives of smart video surveillance project on transport
  • Guidelines for building centralized situational centers for public transportation
  • Use cases and scenarios of face recognition implementation in metro/subway environment
  • Architecture and implementation scenarios
  • Q&A session

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