Face recognition system Smart Tracker FRS, which is part of the Safe City protects Sakhalin residents and has detected 100 quarantine violators in 14 days

  • Smart Tracker FRS has been analysing images from more than 1,000 installed CCTV cameras on the island since 2016.

  • The system is a new healthcare initiative and in the first 2 weeks since its implementation in April has identified more than 100 potential spreaders of the virus who did not comply with the mandatory quarantine. 

  • The successful initiative can be scaled up to other regions.

Smart Tracker FRS — a face recognition biometric system by Speech Technology Center, which is part of Sberbank ecosystem — is one of the functions of the Safe City hardware and software suite in the Sakhalin Region. Smart Tracker FRS analyses images from more than 1,000 CCTV cameras. Round-the-clock online video surveillance prevents crimes and reduces the number of violations by quickly detecting violators. The information captured by the CCTV cameras is also used to verify the housing and public utilities timely services, to detect offences, including traffic offences and to identify fugitives and wanted people.

In the context of the Coronavirus pandemic, the system is being used to monitor and report self-isolation violations. This helps prevent the possible spread of Coronavirus and protect the health of residents.

  • More than 100 violators of instructions of Rospotrebnadzor were identified in the Sakhalin Region in 14 days. 'This proves the high efficiency of the Smart Tracker FRS in the fight against the spread of Coronavirus in the Sakhalin Region,' said Vyacheslav Alenkov, Deputy Chairman of the government of Sakhalin Region.

  • Speech Technology Center did not specifically engineer this solution to combat Coronavirus but has long since created a comprehensive, 'out of the box,' face recognition system for Safe Cities without the need for additional set-up. From project to project, the solution is evolving and being replicated in different regions of the country. It is already being used at 14 sports facilities, 24 transport facilities and 5 Safe Cities. 'Thanks to its improved technical characteristics, Smart Tracker FRS is a ready-made solution for solving problems on both the regional and national levels,' commented Andrey Khrulev, Business Development Manager of Biometrics Division Speech Technology Center.

Speech Technology Center, which is part of the Sberbank ecosystem, is a global developer of intelligent speech and face recognition technologies, and an expert in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Smart Tracker FRS system by Speech Technology Center is already being used in over 14 sports facilities, 24 transport facilities and 5 Safe Cities. Analytics company Technavio lists Speech Technology Сenter among the major players in the biometric technologies marketplace.

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