Voice Technologies by Speech Technology Center Automate Call Centers and Migrate to the Cloud

Speech Technology Center, which is part of the Sberbank ecosystem, automates and improves the efficiency of its retail and e-commerce delivery and call center services by utilising intelligent speech technologies. The migration of speech analytics to the cloud changes the way Speech Technology Center expertise is delivered to customers: everything that was previously available to the enterprise segment is now available for SMB.

There is a growing workload on call centers on behalf of banks, clinics, drugstores and online shops. At the same time, the majority of the requests are typical and logical inquiries: in general, they relate to delivery status, availability of goods, its cost and location.

Speech technologies and associated solutions allow for the recognition of free speech, classification of all voice calls, identification of script and intonation compliance, and generally making a conclusion on customer satisfaction and quality of dialogue. Voice calls can be converted into text and analysed by hundreds of algorithms, then reports can be compiled based on the analysis while instantly highlighting any critical points for response. In addition, it is possible to create a list of standard requests that can be automated including—with the help of an intelligent bot, which uses a coherent speech based on next generation synthesis.

Such solutions improve call centers performances, and the automation of standard dialogues reduces operators workload and delivers quality services. Speech analytics allows for the testing of several scenarios of communication with customers and choosing the best one in real-time. All this is available in any preferred channel: be it live operator communication, IVR or a chatbot. As a result, costs are reduced, customer experience is improved and both clients and business needs are met.

Speech Technology Center expertise has been proven after the successful implementation of large-scale projects for VTB, Gazprombank and a number of others, where natural dialogue and its analysis are critically important, and confirmed by the ongoing recognition of industry leaders including the landmark international program Call Center Guru Awards 'Crystal Headset'.

'Speech Technology Center has been developing speech technologies for 30 years. Today we offer one of the best ASR and TTS — automated speech recognition and synthesis solutions. The advantage of our synthesis is a coherent intelligible speech that comes very close to matching that of a human natural speech. Today, when the load on contact centers has increased many times over, modern innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence assist in alleviating the burden, and a speech analyst is one of them. The migration of our voice analytics to the cloud changes the way Speech Technology Center delivers its expertise to customers: everything that was previously available for enterprise segment is now available for SMB, which helps business adapt, and we are pleased to support this process on a technological level,' commented Dmitriy Dyrmovskiy, CEO of Speech Technology Center.

Speech Technology Center, which is part of the Sberbank ecosystem, is a global developer of intelligent speech and face recognition technologies, and an expert in machine learning and artificial intelligence. One of the few companies in the world that creates and develops both biometric modalities: face and voice. Voice falsification detection and speech recognition solutions by Speech Technology Center hold leading positions in the world ratings of NIST, ASVspoof Challenge, VOiCES, CHiME Challenge. Speech Technology Center solutions are in demand in 70 countries around the world.

Media contact: pr@speechpro.com