At the Call Center Guru Awards, the virtual assistant from Speech Technology Center was recognized as the best application of artificial intelligence

April 2, 2020, Moscow — ChatNavigator chat bot from Speech Technology Center, launched in the VTB mobile app, became the winner of the Call Center Guru Awards Crystal Headset® international program in the category “The Best Application of Robotization and Artificial Intelligence”.

The award ceremony was held in Moscow, where 107 of the best industry´s contact centers were called, as well as the customer services in 36 categories. The Crystal Headset® is awarded by the jury members of the Call Center Guru professional community for innovation, modern technology and operational efficiency to the leading contact centers in the Eurasian space. In the 2019/2020 season, more than 314 nominees representing over 100 contact centers from Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus took part in the Crystal Headset® nomination program. The jury consisted of more than 250 directors and leading managers of contact centers, who studied the nominees' projects for 3.5 months.

The best application for robots and artificial intelligence involving bots was the project to launch a chat bot in the VTB-Online mobile app. The project used a bot based on the product of Speech Technology Center ChatNavigator, an omnichannel dialogue platform in natural language that automates the processing of requests and robotizes business processes, creates a single dialog medium for interacting with customers.

 “As consumer expectations increase, in the banking sector, artificial intelligence, machine learning and chat bots are increasingly being used. This helps reduce costs and meet the needs of progressive customers. High-quality chat bots are lightning fast, quickly explore the digital landscape and formulate the correct response, improving the user experience. In this project, the virtual assistant was introduced in May last year. Already, it processes issues on 1.3 thousand subjects. Every week the chat bot responds to 50 thousand requests, covering over 97% of the topics of customer requests, receiving more than 2 thousand of the highest quality ratings from customers. 85% of customers after consulting with the bot are completely satisfied with the response and do not return within 24 hours for any clarifications. Winning the Call Center Guru Awards motivates us to further develop and improve the entire banking sector with modern technological solutions”, comments Dmitry Dyrmovsky, CEO of Speech Technology Center.