Biometric Technology to Combat Coronavirus: Face Recognition Solutions by Speech Technology Сenter Help Provide Security and Healthcare.

23 March 2020, Moscow — Speech Technology Сenter experts have updated the Smart Tracker FRS biometric face recognition system, implementing the most actual cases for the current epidemiological situation.

The introduction of face recognition technology within the framework of the Safe City programme allows for the retrospective search of potentially infected people. "Recognition of masked faces to monitor compliance with the isolation rulings under the coronavirus threat is a new challenge for us, but thanks to the scale of projects already implemented by Speech Technology Сenter, it has been successfully designed and is now ready for use. Our system has already proven its effectiveness in a number of projects throughout the country: it provides security at 14 athletic and 24 transport facilities; 5 cities use it to implement the Safe City programme. When creating our product, we already took into account particular local aspects such as difficult weather conditions in places where people wear glasses, hoods, high collars; bad weather, low light levels and narrow field of view, and a wide range of angles. In this respect, a mask is just another specific condition for which our biometric system is prepared; recognition works by employing a neural network algorithm that analyses the available facial area, rather than comparing the location of key points. Thus, a face being covered up to 70% is a significant factor, but not a game-breaker for the system. Moreover, when using our solution, one can not only locate a quarantined person but also access a video or photo archive to determine where said person has been and whom they have encountered, helping identify other potentially infected people and promptly control the spread of the virus. These days, the systems we have created to ensure security can be used to combat coronavirus; face recognition can be used as a ready-made analytical tool, with the option to delimit lists, protect data, and sort the information inflow; thanks to our experience of integrating these systems into existing video surveillance systems, it can be done quickly, employing the appropriate security circuits, and without incurring the vast expense", commented Andrey Khrulev, Business Development Manager of Biometrics Division Speech Technology Center.

During a pandemic, technological solutions that minimise direct contacts become all the more relevant. To that end, a face recognition system can be used in biometric ACS (access control systems) and implemented in schools, fitness and business centres, as well as strategical government facilities. Face recognition - based admittance control does not require physical contact, and thus reduces the risk of infection. When an organisation switches to a remote operations mode, a biometric ACS allows for correctly setting up the delimitation of access rights and preventing the premises from being infiltrated by persons with restricted access rights. Implementation of such solutions at transport facilities and airports will allow for scanning tickets and passengers' faces without involving an employee. "Previously, such implementations were justified by security considerations such as identifying and preventing intruders, then, by the demand for a new level of comfort that requires seamless, fast passage, and in the current reality, the focus has once again shifted to security, only now it concerns healthcare, namely minimising contacts during the ongoing epidemic situation. Cutting-edge technologies have made it all possible, and we will continue to improve our products, contributing to the stabilisation of the current global situation", added Dmitriy Dyrmovskiy, CEO of Speech Technology Сenter.

Speech Technology Center (part of the Sberbank ecosystem) is a global developer of intelligent speech and face recognition technologies, and an expert resource in AI and machine learning, the member of ESSMA, the European Stadium and Safety Management Association unites the stadium industry. The Smart Tracker FRS system by STC is already in use in over 10 stadiums and ice arenas and more than 20 transport facilities. It is used in 5 Russian cities as part of the Safe City hardware and software package. Technavio research company lists STC as a major player in the biometric technology market. 
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