Speech Technology Center implements a biometric facial recognition system at VTB Arena – Central Stadium "Dynamo".

12 March 2020, Moscow. VTB Arena – Central Stadium "Dynamo", a unique sports and entertainment complex, is now utilising the SmartTracker FRS biometric facial identification system implemented by Speech Technology Center (STC).
More than 130 turnstiles and 4 cash windows in the complex have been outfitted with the system. Work was also carried out to integrate the technology with the stadium's ticketing and cash register system and its physical access control system (PACS, supplied by SKIDATA). A combined technical solution for the placement of video identification cameras in full-size Arena. Gate turnstiles was developed and integrated with the PACS. The integration and the application of STC algorithms in no way limit the turnstile capacity of the complex.
The stadium's implementation of the SmartTracker FRS system was carried out to achieve compliance with legal requirements and to meet RPL and KHL requirements for video identification. The system, which utilises one - and two - factor authentication processes, makes it possible to identify individuals banned from attending official sporting events. The implementation of the system included the development of procedures for operating with stewards and police officers. In addition to installation and commissioning works, the project also involved customising the system to avoid any reliance on external factors. Progress and performance were monitored from the development and approval stage to the system launch stage.
«VTB Arena – Central Stadium "Dynamo" is a unique complex. It comprises four functional spaces: a football stadium, a multi - purpose VTB Arena, a shopping centre and underground parking. Such a powerful infrastructure facility requires serious approach to security. The stadium is equipped with the most up - to - date and effective solutions to secure the complex and its visitors. One such solution is the Smart Tracker FRS biometric facial recognition system. The equipment operates 24 hours per day and has already proven itself during events at the stadium» said Andrey Luntovsky, CEO of Managing Company «Dynamo».
«SKIDATA is a world leader in mass access solutions. Our equipment is used in over 10,000 public places in over 100 countries. One of the success factors of access control at sports venues is qualitative integration, meaning there are no delays in information transfer and that interaction between subsystems works smoothly. This is the key to forming a positive user experience. At VTB Arena — Dynamo Central Stadium, STC's integration of the SmartTracker FRS biometric facial recognition system with SKIDATA access control systems facilitates this kind of experience. Our joint solution is a synergy of conservatism and innovation: On one hand, we relied on a wealth of accumulated experience. On the other, we presented a unique and innovative solution which uses modern AI and computer vision technologies» says Roman KulakovDirector of the Russian branch of SKIDATA.
«Speech Technology Center is a leader in the implementation of biometric solutions in Russia, with great expertise in key international sporting events and biometric associations. Over the past 5 years, more than 10 stadiums and ice arenas across the country have already felt the benefits of working with us, and we are pleased that VTB Arena – Central Stadium "Dynamo" — one of the world's most formidable sports and entertainment facilities — has adopted our technology. In the future, it will be possible to apply our solutions not only locally, but nationally. We will continue to consolidate our expertise in this area by scaling up our best practices in the country and in the world» commented Alexei MarkachevHead of Product at Speech Technology Center.
Speech Technology Center (part of the Sberbank ecosystem) is a global developer of intelligent speech and face recognition technologies, and an expert resource in AI and machine learning, the member of ESSMA, the European Stadium and Safety Management Association unites the stadium industry. The SmartTracker FRS system by STC is already in use in over 10 stadiums and ice arenas and more than 20 transport facilities. It is used in 5 Russian cities as part of the Safe City hardware and software package. Technavio research company lists STC as a major player in the biometric technology market. 
Media contact: pr@speechpro.com
Management Company Dynamo, developer of the VTB Arena Park project. VTB Arena – Central Stadium "Dynamo" complex is a unique sports and entertainment venue in the country. The state of the art equipment at the complex facilitates sporting, entertainment and cultural events of any level of complexity. The complex integrates several functional spaces under one roof: the multi-purpose VTB Arena, Central Stadium "Dynamo, a shopping centre and underground parking. The capacity of the stadium is 25,517 people for football matches and 33,000 people at concerts. The capacity of the multi-purpose VTB Arena is up to 14,000 spectators.
The developer's official website: www.arena-park.ru

The complex's website: www.vtb-arena.com