Facial Biometrics from the Speech Technology Center Tested by the Ecuadorian Police

The criminal police and the forensic center of Ecuador unveiled the Smart Tracker FRS system, which allows users to identify the faces of wanted criminals. In the coming years, this system will be integrated with the electronic control unit of the 911 service, which in turn will make it possible to apprehend wanted individuals.
Director of the 911 service, Lieutenant Colonel Juan Zapata, and employees from the Russian Speech Technology Center attended the presentation, held in the laboratory of criminology and forensic examination.
According to Captain Andres Merlo, the national police have been using the AVIS + F software since 2011. This voice and facial identification system has a database of about 300,000 files, including incarcerated people, individuals with criminal records, missing persons, wanted persons, police officers, civil guards, and all individuals possessing firearms in the country.
Merlo noted that this criminology database has been used in court cases related to kidnapping and extortion, where first-hand information is necessary for capturing a perpetrator. The results turned out a resounding success.
The long-term goal is to link information on the civil registry to the new Smart Tracker FRS system and register 15 million Ecuadorians along with foreigners entering the country.
In a month's time, the system will be tested in pilot mode in Quito. It will later be implemented throughout the country.
On Wednesday, 12 February, the system was demonstrated using a database of police officers who were leaving the forensic lab. The officers were all dressed as civilians, wearing both baseball caps and glasses to showcase the effectiveness of the system at identifying an individual, even when they are attempting to cover their face with an object.
The central section of the screen shows the location in real time. When a green square appears on a person's face, the camera immediately snaps pictures from different angles and displays them on the right side of the screen. After a few minutes, the left side of the window displays the subject identification with the compatibility percentage registered in the database.
Smart Tracker FRS is being used at 13 stadiums and ice hockey arenas around Russia, as well as in other crowded areas such as railway stations and airports.