Speech Technology Center brings AI solution for stadiums

18 February 2020, Budapest — Speech Technology Center, a leader in the use of biometric solutions, shared its experience in implementing face recognition solution Smart Tracker FRS for stadiums. The presentation was made at the ESSMA Summit — it's the go-to stadium industry event, that connects together sports industry experts, organised by the ESSMA (European Stadium & Safety Management Association).The event took place in the Budapest Groupama Arena. 

The 2018 FIFA World Cup had a positive impact not only on the infrastructure and tourist attractiveness of cities, but also paved the way for new technologies and solutions. One of them is Smart Tracker FRS, a biometric face recognition system designed by Speech Technology Center. The solution demonstrated its practical effectiveness and won rave reviews globally of sports industry experts. As a result, Smart Tracker FRS has been adopted by 13 stadiums and ice arena. 

“FC Zenit was one of the first in the world which implemented facial recognition at the sports stadium and proved that Smart Tracker FRS is the most successful solution. It is designed to create a safe and comfortable environment: the system allows increasing the security level at the stadium, mitigates damage to image and reduces financial losses caused by illegal actions of fans, creates a data base of offenders and monitors that fans from the black-list aren't allowed into the stadium. Implementation of the facial recognition solution helps clubs to save considerably on fines and in general allows them to get to know their guests better, by systematising work with the last”, explained Yuri Fedotov, Head of Security Department of FC Zenit.

The organizers of the ESSMA Summit announced the votes of the sports industry experts, who identified key trends: the experts placed face recognition at the top of the list, alongside 5G and cashless payment.

“We use AI to improve fans experience with technology that can help to make a stadium safer, understand your fans and analyze visitors to make better management decisions. We invest time to make integration with the most popular ticket providers and access control systems on the market. Speech Technology Center has joined the Biometrics Institute, of International Association of Members that promotes responsible and ethical use of biometrics and together with world leaders we continue to pay attention to it. There are 13 stadiums in the world, which use our solutions, and we are passionate to share our experience and vision with our European colleagues”, said Alex Markachev, Head of Product at Speech Technology Center.

“Some European stadiums already use face biometrics systems. We are glad to know that ESSMA has specialists with a ready-made solution — Smart Tracker FRS. It has already been evaluated by 13 sports facilities and was developed with GDPR guidelines in mind. European clubs can use it today, which is especially important in connection with the upcoming EURO 2020”, said Gert-Jan Cuypers, representative of the European Stadium & Safety Management Association (ESSMA).

Speech Technology Center is a group of IT companies, a global developer of intelligent speech and face recognition technologies, a technology expert in AI and machine learning, a member of the Biometrics Institute. With one of the largest R&D teams in the industry and more than 29 years of experience, Speech Technology Center is well-known for solutions implemented by some of the largest international companies in the banking, security, telecommunications and public sectors. Speech Technology Center’s products are sold in more than 70 countries.

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More details about Smart Tracker FRS you will find at sport.speechpro.com