Speech Technology Center Limited (STC) and Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS) signed a contract in August 2019 in order to equip university laboratories with the newest technologies and modern solutions in the field of facial and voice biometrics. These solutions are designed for biometric identification by photos and audio recordings, as well as for searching in large datasets of voice samples.

Based on this agreement, the University organized a unique center for the analysis of sounds and images. Based on it, a number of high-level training courses for specialists and experts in the field of security in the Middle East will be developed. The best Russian experts in this field will be involved in this project. This will allow the University to become a leader among the world's leading training centers in phonoscopy and forensic laboratories.

According to Dr. Abdulrazak AL-Morjan, Member of the Founding Committee of the Laboratory at (NAUSS), “This partnership is unique in the field of phonoscopy and forensic laboratories and the exchange of experience and technologies between Russia and Saudi Arabia. It will become an important factor in the development of security opportunities in the arabic world. Speech Technology Center’s CEO Dmitry Dyrmovskiy said that the STC already has a number of implementations in the Middle East and will continue to develop this business. STC is pleased to provide state of the art and highly reliable technologies for training and security in the region".