Speech Technology Center expands collaboration with Egypt in the field of e-government and digitalization of the economy

A team from Speech Technology Center visited Cairo as part of a business mission of Russian IT companies headed by Konstantin Noskov, Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. During the bilateral meetings and a round table at the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), held on 20 March 2019, one of the key topics for discussion was the project to develop a unified biometric system in Egypt.

As part of their visit to Cairo, the Speech Technology Center team also visited Smart Village, a high-tech business district known as the new Silicon Valley of Egypt. The participants of the business mission met with a number of representatives from national institutes, government authorities, and key players in the telecommunications and financial sectors. The Egyptian partners were most interested and focused on Speech Technology Center solutions in the field of innovative biometric systems designed to improve the level of security, speed and convenience of rendering services in the public and commercial sectors.


Image sourse: Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass media of the Russian Federation

The Speech Technology Center team also visited the headquarters of Egypt's leading telecom operator to discuss various use cases for voice authentication and identification, and a digital ID platform.

"As the provider of customer verification by voice and liveness detection technology for the Unified Biometric System in Russia, Speech Technology Center has successfully implemented several voice biometrics projects based on the VoiceKey platform in the financial sector to improve the quality of remote services and information security. Speech Technology Center has extensive experience implementing its solutions in Egypt, and we are convinced that our developments and turnkey solutions in voice biometrics, as well as our other developments, can be put to use in such industries as fintech, e-government, banking, telecom, unified biometric systems, smart cities, as well as education, tourism, and transport," stated Eugene Zubakov, Director of Business Development in Middle East & North Africa, Speech Technology Center.

Based on the trip's success, a return visit is expected from representatives of Egyptian companies to Russia, and a Russian-African digital forum is being planned as part of the Russia-Africa summit, where Speech Technology Center will collaborate as a key player in the secured customer verification and personal data protection. The participation of Speech Technology Center in the summit will accelerate the expansion of cooperation between Speech Technology Center and Egyptian partners, in particular, as part of the project to introduce a unified biometric system based on the voice prints of citizens to create an e-government infrastructure and digitalize the Egyptian economy.