Speech Technology Center Presents Data Collection Technique for the Unified Biometric System

STC-Innovations, subsidiary of Speech Technology Center, introduces VoiceKey.INSPECTOR developed for biometric samples collection by operators of the Unified Biometric System (UBS). The system not only lets making a photo and recording the client’s voice, but also automatically checks the compliance of the obtained samples with UBS requirements.

Use case of VoiceKey.INSPECTOR is simple: a bank employee enters client data into a personal record then the system allows delivering biometric samples. It can be done using a web-camera and a microphone of a computer or a tablet.
A client should place his/her face in front of camera, and the system will automatically make some photos and either select automatically the one suitable for sending to UBS, or offer a bank employee to make it. The photo will be anyway automatically checked for the compliance with UBS requirements. After the photo the user should deliver the voice sample by reading some sequences of numbers on the screen. Quality of each voice record will be also obligatorily checked by VoiceKey.INSPECTOR for correctness of numbers pronouncing.
The mechanism for the check of materials for compliance with UBS requirements will be also available as REST API, so banks can build it into their applications for biometric data collection. It is not necessary to create an additional access channel to IEIS to transfer the resulting package with a photo and voice to UBS, one can use the interface already installed in the bank.
The Unified Biometric System is the Russian digital platform of identification by voice and face image. Since July 1, having registered in the system and delivered biological samples, Russian citizens will be able to open accounts in Russian banks remotely. Speech Technology Center is one of the UBS biometrics vendors.