Beirut: Speech Technology Center celebrates training biometric laboratory and education program opening


The American University of Science & Technology (AUST) in collaboration with Speech Technology Center (STC) and SITE Technology opened a biometric and forensic laboratory for 40 workplaces in Lebanon (Beirut).

The grand opening ceremony of STC laboratory and presentation of education program for students with Bachelor degree in forensics took place on June 2. The ceremony was attended by AUST president Mrs. Hiam Sakr, ‎Provost; Vice President for Institutional Advancement Haidar Nabeel, representatives of university departments and administrators, counsellor of Russian Federation Embassy in Lebanon and Beirut Airat Achmetov and other officials.

International practice and product manager Ramez Kassou, Ph.d represented STC. STC’s Lebanese partner SITE technology was represented by Eng. Marwan Abdallah.

From 1 to 3 June, Ramez Kassou, Ph. D. from STC was invited to demonstrate STC cutting-edge multimodal biometric systems and give introductory lectures and practical workshops. Students were introduced to the basic course on using multi-modal biometric systems aimed at forensic tasks. After three days of learning, students passed examination test successfully.

The representatives from university and Site Technology, counsellors of Russian Embassy and experts form STC came together for a roundtable discussion concerning current market conditions, the use of advanced biometric technologies in public and private sectors, as well as prospects of laboratory and education program development. Participants agreed that training programs for students from Lebanon and other countries in this region offer great opportunities for improving a practical application of biometric technologies in both public and private sectors.

A first workshop on the application of biometric solutions in forensics: students are getting acquired with STC forensic software.

Next year, STC is planning to open a Multi-Level Program For Forensics & Biometrics, as well as providing the newest laboratory equipment designed for operating with STC biometric solutions and multi-modal biometric systems. Moreover, representatives from university are planning to continue discussions regarding the creation of advanced education programs in collaboration with the department of Speech Information Systems (SIS) of ITMO University.