Falcon is working on new security services alongside STC

Paris, France — 2016/12/05. Falcon, a security service and equipment provider from Egypt and STC, a developer and vendor of voice and biometric solutions formed a partnership with a common goal to increase security in Egypt. Chairman and President of Falcon, Sherif Khaled and Chief Commercial Officer of STC, Akop Mkhitaryan in the presence of the Ambassador of Egypt in France, Ehab Badawy signed the official partnership agreement between STC Group and Falcon Group on December 5 in Paris, France.

Falcon and STC are planning to unite efforts for development of new joint solutions for places of mass gathering, such as airports, stadiums, cultural facilities, tourism and entertainment venues, hotels and convention centers etc. Products like access control or border monitoring systems will be created primarily for the MEA region. STC has been paying close attention to this area and already started developing products with Egyptian Arabic dialect support. Therefore, teaming up with Falcon presents a unique opportunity to combine both companies’ technological advancements and regional expertise.

The demand for international security has risen to new heights to counter all aspects of terrorism and crimes whether in border control, vital sites or even in crowded venues, such as stadiums, universities and tourist areas. The ability to protect citizens, businesses and governments from criminals has become more urgent than ever. What is more, for countries seeking to attract more tourists, security measures and innovative equipment are vital. Due to these trends, biometric technologies are identified as extremely promising due to their ability to provide an unprecedented level of security and accuracy,” — says Chief Commercial Officer of STC, Akop Mkhitaryan.

Foreign governments and security organizations already successfully utilize technologies developed by STC. For example, STC’s system, which enables face and voice identification and search based on video and audio fragments available from various sources, is implemented by the governments of Mexico and Ecuador on the national level. Development of these first of a kind biometric databases allowed to drastically improve the ratio of solved crimes and the criminal detention indicator. Another STC’s product, employed in several airports, football stadiums and ice hockey arenas for access control, border control and online monitoring is a face biometrics system SmartTracker.FRS.

When it comes to safety in the places of mass gathering, border and airport security are especially critical and develop rapidly. According to a report from Frost & Sullivan entitled ‘Global Airport Security Technology Market Assessment’, the airport security market could reach USD 12.67 billion by 2023. The key motivators are an increasing number of international passengers, growing security threats involving aviation, and the number of new airports. What is more, the upgrade of border security and the demand for effective immigration control have fueled the need for biometrics.