Maldives Police chose the expert suite IKAR Lab by STC

Forensics Department of the Maldives Police introduced an audio expertise suite IKAR Lab by STC. IKAR Lab is a professional hardware and software solution for advanced speech signal analysis. It provides the capabilities to perform a multitude of valuable audio processing, analysis, audio restoration and voice comparison functions.

The department utilising IKAR Lab is Digital Forensics Lab. It is an expert service that is responsible for computer and technical expertise, which includes examination of computer equipment, mobile devices and phones, digital data from video and audio surveillance systems.

Specialized software tools of the suite provide high quality visual presentation of the phonograms. Modern algorithms of voice biometrics and automation tools for all kinds of research can significantly improve reliability and efficiency of phonoscopic expertise.

«The explosion of 2007 year in the centre of Maldives capital Male has severely undermined tourist’s confidence in the safety of the country, - commented the head of STC’s expert group, - local police is actively introducing innovative technology into its departments, including the forensic division. It specializes in such types of research as: fingerprinting, DNA analysis, trace analysis, chemical examination, ballistics and computer-technical expertise.»

Last month, STC’s experts finished the second in-depth training course on methods of working with IKAR Lab for Maldivian criminologists. During this intensive five-day course, Digital Forensics Lab’s staff learned to carry out personal identification based on audio records, and improve the clarity of noisy phonograms. The date for the next training phase is already set. During the following sessions the experts will learn to examine authenticity of video records.

IKAR Lab is one of the most popular products by STC. It is used by specialized units of law enforcement authorities, laboratories and forensic services, investigation services for flight accidents, research and training centers around the globe.