STC Group selected to present new approach to biometric onboarding at FinovateFall 2016

STC Group represented in North America by SpeechPro was selected to present at Fall Finovate in NYC, Sept. 8, with a demo of its ground breaking mobile biometric solution that solves one of the key problems of any biometric system – establishing “a ground truth” during remote enrollment. “Documented Biometric Onboarding (DBO) is a unique solution that combines document scanning, data extraction, document authentication and enrollment into multi-modal biometric system for further verification.

This software utilizes client-server architecture. It starts by directing the customer to point their phone at their ID. The application scans and authenticates the user’s ID. Biographic data is extracted, speeding up the sign-up process compared to typing. Document authentication and forgery detection are better than human performance. The photo on the document is also extracted.

Next, the customer turns the phone towards himself to take a selfie. The new photo is compared to the photo on the ID to make sure it’s the same person. The application leads the user through a 30 second biometric enrollment that captures the user’s face and voice while they are speaking strings of prompted digits. A proprietary liveness detection methodology ensures that the user is live and not spoofing the enrollment with a photo. The whole process takes a little more than a minute from start to finish.

After enrollment, the user can now authenticate securely with the enterprise across multiple channels, including the mobile device, a plain old phone, or another computer equipped with a microphone and camera through STC Group’ award winning VoiceKey.OnePass solution that combines high accuracy of authentication, uniguw “liveness”/anti-spoofing features and user friendly UI.

Prior to introduction of DBO Enterprise struggled to provide remote enrollment into biometric authentication systems as the ID of a user could not be sufficiently verified. DBO solves this problem by linking a government issued ID with a user through various biometric and “liveness” techniques. DBO allows corporate customers to enroll users into mobile biometric authentication remotely, hence significantly expanding usability of biometric authentication on mobile platforms.

“One of the first questions that customers ask biometric vendors is ‘How do we know that we enroll the right users into a biometric system?’ DBO is a first solution to solve this problem. Through a partnership with Authentic ID (provider of document verification technology) SpeechPro was able to introduce a brand new way to drastically expand usability of biometrics on mobile platforms” – said Alexey Khitrov, President of SpeechPro.

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