STC Received Star Performer Award by Speech Technology Magazine

Speech Technology magazine has named the American branch of STC SpeechPro a Star Performer as part of its ninth Speech Industry Awards, which recognize the most influential speech technology innovators each year. In 2015 STC was awarded for its innovational voice + face online biometric authentication solution VoiceKey.WEBACCESS.

VoiceKey.WebAccess is simple to use to gain access to corporate networks or online accounts. The solution is built on standards-based architecture and can be integrated into almost any web application using web services via application programming interfaces (APIs). The technology will work with almost any device that has a microphone and camera.

STC has significantly expanded its product line recently, specifically in bimodal (voice and face) authentication and on mobile platforms. This progress has translated into new customers and the expansion of partnership programs, including bringing on new partners like ImageWare Systems and Optimal Risk. SpeechPro’s participation in the recent NIST i-Vector Machine Learning Challenge also validated its strong capabilities in voice biometric research, development and technological innovation.

“Within a few years we will live in a world where traditional passwords will be a thing of the past, together with pagers and floppy disks,” said Alexey Khitrov, Head of the American branch of STC. “Biometrics will provide ease and security in high-value transactions and everyday life. We hope to be an important part of this global transition.”