STC Partners with PenRad to Offer Touchless Data Entry and Security for Hospitals

STC, a global leader in voice biometrics solutions and PenRad a technology solutions provider in the healthcare sector have pioneered technology to bring secure, touchless data entry through voice biometrics to hospitals and clinics. STC’s voice biometric technology and PenRad’s Applicadia technology allows staff to perform 100 % data-entry through validated voice, to mitigate disease transmission, improve security, and increase professional productivity.

Close to 100,000 people die of healthcare associated infections (HAI’s) each year, both staff and patients constantly at risk for disease transmission. With productivity enhancements that tablets, phones and smart watch technologies offer, now real-time “touchless” at point of service digital data-entry by staff is possible. Voice biometrics can completely transform the healthcare industry. Here’s how it works: Hospital staff enrolls in the system one time by speaking to create an unique biometric voiceprint to eliminate separate login routines. A nurse for example needs to input data into a patient’s medical record, they approach a tablet and start speaking into tablet or smart watch for data entry, and as they speak the system automatically validates user via their security badge, and the STC VoiceKey algorithm validates with seconds. No separate login needed, no validation time needed, no hands needed, no germs spread, and data directly entered in EMR.

STC is a recognized leader in voice biometric technology with the largest R&D team in the industry and a broad speech technology related product line. STC solutions help enterprise customers with a variety of tasks in the fields of voice biometrics, mobile platforms, audio processing, and speech analysis. While its technology has helped various types of enterprises increase security and improve user experience in the account authentication process, the stakes are even higher in this new partnership. With the marriage of these technologies, STC and PenRad have the potential to transform the entire healthcare industry by using voice biometrics technology to aid in limited healthcare associated infections. "We are excited to partner with PenRad, a company who is truly committed to using the power of technology to advance the public good," said Alexey Khitrov, President of the American branch of STC SpeechPro.