COMING SOON! Gnome-Nano II: Subminiature Digital Stereo Voice Recorder!

STC is to release a subminiature digital stereo voice-recorder Gnome-Nano II.

Gnome-Nano II a professional sound recording unit providing high-quality mono and stereo recording of speech signals. The recorder provides high-quality recording of speech signals in various situations and can be used to record conversations, meetings and interviews indoor and outdoor, including cases with difficult acoustic conditions.


  • Law enforcement agencies: capture voice and sound during special operations, in police vehicles, etc.
  • Security providers: capture voice and sound for safety reasons, e.g. inside cash-in-transit vans
  • Emergency services: (fire, ambulance, rescue): capture voice and sound during rescue operations and inside rescue vehicles
  • Professional services: (legal, medical, business, journalism): record meetings, consultations and interviews