SpeechPro President, Alexey Khitrov, to Speak at FindBiometrics' Expert Panel of Voice Biometrics Leaders on February 19th

Join FindBiometrics on Feb 19, 2015 at 11:00 AM EST. as we host an expert panel of voice biometrics leaders for an exclusive webinar event directed to providing you all the information you need about voice biometrics and its crucial role in the future of authentication.

Voice biometrics are playing an increasingly important role in the day to day lives of professionals and consumers alike. The latest research concerning the future of voice biometrics suggests that the global market will grow at 9.4 percent CAGR between now and 2019. The surge in adoption is due to many factors including a strong demand for handsfree authentication stemming from the rise of mobility, connectivity and the Internet of Things.


  • How voice biometrics have found an important place in the vertical and consumer markets.
  • What opportunities the experts see for the modality in the near future.
  • How voice biometrics will fit in to the increasingly multi-modal post-password future.
  • How growing privacy concerns are affecting the top voice biometric companies and their partners.

Voice biometric expert panel will include presentations of Alexey Khitrov, President and CEO - SpeechPro(the American branch of STC), Dan Miller, Senior Analyst & Founder - Opus Research, Julia Webb, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing - VoiceVault and Jesus Aragon, Vice President of Corporate Business Development & Marketing - AGNITiO.