STC participated in the Voice Biometrics Conference (VBC) hosted by Opus Research in London on November 18-19, 2014.

VBC London 2014 shared case studies and examples of real-world implementations of voice biometrics solutions used in conjunction with other technologies, including risk analytics, facial recognition, phone-printing and other device signatures. These impressive technological partnerships have proven their ability to lower the incidence and impact of phone-based fraud while making the world safe for mobile commerce, transaction authentication and cloud computing.

STC was the only company to represent Russian Federation at the conference.

Alexey Khitrov (President, SpeechPro - an affiliated company of STC in the US) presented “How to Make Authentication Secure … and Fun for Everyone,” in which he spoke of exciting opportunities for user-friendly and secure biometric authentication that are provided by new omnipresent smartphones and ever-improving technologies.

In his demo of STC’s VoiceKey.OnePass, Khitrov showed the audience how this product combines voice biometrics, knowledge based authentication, facial recognition and anti-spoofing.

In commenting on the current state of the voice biometrics industry, Khitrov stated, “Vendors are guilty of perpetual complexity with myriad of products that address specific scenario or need, but require additional integration efforts from enterprise users.”

The solution, he suggested, is the soon to be released new VoiceKey biometrical platform that will make life easier by streamlining the biometrics space. The platform provides:

• All-in-one approach
• One technological platform for the all biometric products.
• Unified architecture
• Scalability
• Ability to easily maintain and to update
• Flexibility to add new features/modules
• Unified integration API