Voice Biometric Software Goes to College: How West Virginia University Biometric Program uses SpeechPro Software to Analyze Speech Signal Processing

SpeechPro, a global leader in Voice Biometrics, recently provided West Virginia University biometrics program more than $25,000 of software and training services to enhance its program, which will be included in the curriculum focused on speech signal representation. In addition, SpeechPro staffing will be assisting with both instruction and use of the software in and out of the classroom and lab. SpeechPro will be providing SoundCleanerII, SISII and Easy Voice Biometrics audio forensic tools to the WVU research lab, which is hub for biometric research.

Bryan Chaney, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at SpeechPro, will be lecturing on both the benefits and challenges of speech signal. Chaney, will be closely monitoring how the program benefits awareness and research into biometrics in the US. “The software from SpeechPro can provide students with some intuitive understanding of the speech signal processing,” said Guodong Guo, assistant professor of computer science and electrical engineering at WVU. “It can also be used to teach students how to extract features for speech signal representation and how to compare the similarity between two speech signals with real examples in order to fight crime and identify terrorist activities.

“The addition of SpeechPro software to our core biometrics courses and our laboratories allows our students and researchers access to one of the premier professional voice recognition packages in the industry,” said Brian Woerner, chair, Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at WVU. “SpeechPro products are widely used for both forensic and commercial identity management applications. Use of these products not only allows students to see real off-the-shelf biometrics products in action, but the tools within the software products allow students to visualize and compare speech samples, and understand how the speech recognition process works in detail. We are grateful that SpeechPro has worked with us to make these products available to our students.”

The gift was made in conjunction with "A State of Minds: The Campaign for West Virginia's University." The $1 billion comprehensive campaign being conducted by the WVU Foundation on behalf of the University runs through December 2017.