The Forensic Evidence Department of Abu-Dhabi Police gives thanks to Speech Technology Center

Abu-Dhabi police

Speech Technology Center provided training in voice identification to the forensic experts of Abu-Dhabi police using IKAR Lab Forensic Audio Suite. The training sessions were organized with the great help of Colonel Hassan Al Hosani, Deputy Director of the criminal Evidence and Major Saleh Al-Tahboush, Director of the Forensic Evidence Department.

IKAR Lab is a professional hardware and software solution for advanced speech signal analysis. It provides the capabilities to perform a multitude of valuable audio processing, analysis, audio restoration and voice comparison functions. IKAR Lab makes possible to perform an in-depth analysis of voice and speech by numerous visualization tools, automated and human-assisted comparison instruments.

According to Major Saleh Al-Tahboush of the FED, the presentations and training sessions were very useful and matched the purpose of their pilot laboratory. “We highly appreciate the efforts of Mr. Majed Akkari for his comfortable support ans of Dr. Ahmad-Ramez Kassou for delivering the knowledge and preparing all necessary materials in Arabic,” he says.

STC is considered to be an expert in forensic audio analysis all over the world. IKAR Lab is already in use at over 350 installations in more than 36 countries making it the most popular suite of audio processing, analysis and voice biometric matching tools available today.